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TTL36 Playoffs

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Playoff rules.   Higher seed is the auto winner of the coin toss.  Winner can call the match up or defer. The person calling the matchup must include one of the teams that you drafted.  The opponent can then choose either team. You can only call the matchup once.  Person who calls the match up is P1.   For the final Championship game there is no higher seed and it will be a coin toss.  If someone is under a rock and doesn't follow the matchup rules the game is replayed. 


Stream your game if you can and when it is scheduled announce on discord when you will be playing so others can watch. Tag the league when your game is scheduled and when it is starting.   If you can not stream record the game and send me the NSV file. If it is a close game I, or someone, will try and stream it.      


We will have a deadline on playoff games.  Each round will be one week to get your game in.  If the game is not played the person communicating the most and being available the most will advance. Send personal messages to your opponent and schedule.  If you have a true conflict communicate with me in advance and we will work something out.  Last thing I want to do is auto win a playoff game but will do so to keep this thing moving.  


Playoff Deadlines - 

Round 1                     Wednesday, Jun 12th   (EOD)

Semi - Finals             Wednesday, Jun 19th   (EOD)

Conference Finals    Wednesday, Jan 26th   (EOD)

ChampionShip          Wednesday, July 3rd     (EOD)


Winner should send me the following info in a direct message even if you streamed it.  I don't get to watch all of the streams so send it to me either way.  The championship game will be announced and streamed.  


1. Matchup/Teams   Bears Vs CIN  I was CHI and Won. 
2. Score 17 - 10
3. Who called the matchup - Prime 


Bracket Link  https://challonge.com/TTL36

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