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1994 Pro Bowl Teams

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QB1 - Dan Marino (SF)
QB2 - Vinny Testaverde (NYG)
RB1 - BO Jackson (KC)
RB2 - Garrison Hearst (PIT)
RB3 - Emmitt Smith (NYG)
RB4 -  Larry Centers (ATL)
WR1 - Willie Anderson (NYJ)
WR2 -  Johnnie Morton (TB)
WR3 -  Sam Graddy (SF) 
WR4 - Ed McCaffrey (KC)
TE1 - Ben Coates (SF)
TE2 - Keith Jackson (TB)
OL1 - Wayne Gandy (SF) most total yards
OL2 -  Tom Nalen (PIT) most rushing yards
OL3  - Troy Auzenne (SF) most passing yards
OL4  - Keith Sims (KC) fewest sacks
OL5  -  Bob Whitfield (CIN) OL5 from best KR
DL1 - Clyde Simmons (KC)
DL2 - Leslie Oneal (NYG)
DL3 -  John Randle (RAMS)
LB1 - Darion Connor (SEA)
LB2 - Roman Phifer (MIA)
LB3 - Terry Wooden (SEA)
LB4 - Levon Kirkland (CIN)
DB1 - Lonnie Young (SF)
DB2 - Tom Carter (KC)
DB3 - Marcus Robertson (ATL)
DB4 - Erik McMillan (NO) 
K - Matt Stover (ATL)
P - Max Runager (NYG)
QB1 - Doug Pederson (GB)
QB2 - Stan Humphries (OAK)
RB1 -  Derek Loviile (PHI)
RB2 -  Natrone Means (HOU)
RB3 - Thurman Thomas (NE)
RB4 -  Adrian Murrell (MIN)
WR1 - Tim Brown (GB)
WR2 - Mike Quick (PHX)
WR3 - Isaac Bruce (CLE)
WR4 - Jimmy Smith (OAK)
TE1 - Shannon Sharpe (CHI)
TE2 -  Mark Bavarro (MIN)
OL1 - Jumbo Elliott (PHX) most total yards
OL2  - William Roaf (PHX) most rushing yards
OL3 -  Richmond Webb (GB) most passing yards
OL4 -  Jerry Ostroski (HOU) fewest sacks
OL5 - Dave Widell (DAL) OL5 from best KR
DL1 - Keith Millard (PHI) 
DL2 - Neil Smith (MIN)
DL3 -  Howie Long (NE)
LB1 - Derrick Thomas (MIN)
LB2 - Cornelius Bennett (WAS) 
LB3 - Greg Biekert (NE)
LB4 - Mo Lewis (GB)
DB1 - Wayne Haddix (PHI)
DB2 - Ray Buchanan (GB)
DB3 - Jeff Burris (HOU)
DB4 - Darren Perry (CHI)
K - Jason Hanson (HOU)
P - Stuart Dodds (OAK)

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