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gojiphen malor

(NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (BETA 0.7)

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9 hours ago, gojiphen malor said:


Interesting question. I will look into this. 

Going for the midnight green look for the Eagles. The other green makes them look like the Jets now lol.

Whatever emulator you are using might have slightly different color pallets.

gotcha, thanks for putting this together

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On 6/7/2019 at 9:20 PM, gojiphen malor said:

The other green makes them look like the Jets now lol.

You may laugh ...



This Rom {0.6} is like hot sex on a cool summer's night.


Yes it is.



Trailing 10 4th quarter points, we found redemption in a treasure-trove of snatch






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4 hours ago, Bolt said:





Added Bilal Powell in the latest. The Jets have SOOOO many skill position players, it's going to be interesting to see who makes the 53. I've left off TE's, RB's, and WR's that could be added.

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Question about QB accuracy, is moving taking into consideration or other new factors? I find lob passes are usually accurate, but regular throws are spraying around wildly and I'll complete maybe 2/8 non lob passes and end up with around 30-40% passing or is this par the course? Other than that love the work that's been put into this and playing the season is a blast.

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more info

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Oops / I did it again


Movin' the sticks with the O.6, in this one.  But, hey - If you ain't Quinnen, you ain't Winnen.


(Did I mention Week 2, we did this?


...Browns finished 8-8, in the most competitive DIV / missed the playoffs. HOORAY!)


(Speaking of playoffs;) I finished my standard 12-4 - again - then,



Cool Runnings...  Le'Veon Bell (2) RNNG TDs; Ty Montgomery, Chris Herndon RCVG TDs



Overcame late 11-pt deficit/scored the last 28-of-35 pts...  Bell (2), Montgomery RNNG TDs; Herndon RCVG TD; Catanzaro 46-yrdr


1986916409_GojisNFLTecmoSuperBowlLIV(BETA0.6)(JuicedVersion)Jp3CHAMPS.thumb.png.6b357a0ff38e69cb87e17cc91847b254.png  Tough sledden...  Bell, Sam Darnold {time-expiring!} RNNG TDs; Jamison Crowder, Quincy Enunwa RCVG TDs




Some variation of ^ was aloft as I polished off my Winnen ways:  ^ version was released from Russian Cossacks, 4-30-19NineTay...  Fitting, really.


Please - give it a try, will you?  You will not be dissapoint.

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