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Most Super Bowliest teams in the Super Bowliest history !

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Indulge me here.



(From its inception, SB1) Follow the trail …






G.B > k.c / rai / n.e* / pitX


Den > g.b* / atl* / car*


Dal > mia / den / buf/buf


Col > dal / chi*


PitX > min / dal / ram* / sea* / cards


NYJ > col


N.O > col


Bal > nyg* (> den / buf / n.e/n.e*) / s.f (> cin/cin / mia / den / cha)


T.B > rai



Other contenders - that you might think ought to factor (N.E*, etc.) - don’t count, because they’ve beaten (ram/ram* / car* / sea* / atl*) AND LOST TO (Chi* / G.B* / NYG/NYG*) too many losers.



Most Super Bowliest teams in the history of the Galaxy?  It’s a wrap:


1.  Baltimore Ravens

2.  New York Jets

2.  New Orleans Saints

4.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers



All other contenders are just pretenders.



No questions asked.

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I saw this a few months back and have been thinking ever since, what the hell happened to SB logos? 




The SB logo used to be so cool and unique. I love all the ones from the 80's and 90's. They were still fine in the 2000's up until 2010s when it became a stock photo of the trophy that they just replace the roman numerals on. SB 52 and 53 are completely identical, just adding another numeral. 

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