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Justice Weller Colde

Playoff calculations and teams

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I've run into a slight issue with my base 16 team rom project involving the Playoffs.

The problem I've encountered involves the calculations of 4 divisions in 2 division conferences going into an 8 team playoff. Instead of getting 2 division winners and 2 wild cards per conference, it makes 3 division winners and 1 wild card by including the 12 removed teams and 2 removed divisions from both conferences in the calculations.


I've looked through resources on here and I've searched through both the CIFL and Buck's Tecmo Street roms for where the calculations are how I can modify them properly, but I haven't quite found the right fix for the issue. Every fix I've tried to implement has either broken the rom or caused the Bills to win multiple spots.


I've included the latest working version of the ROM in this post.

Any info will help.

Tecmo Super Bowl 16 Team 3-21-19.nes

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I created a thread several years ago that documented my quest to figure out what you're trying to do.  I don't think it will give you everything you need, but it might help you see what's going on by looking at the cifl rom, which is what i looked at to see the differences in code.  I think jstout made an excellent thread that explains what all of the code is doing, so you should try to find that one as well.

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Its kinda tricky. There is more to fix besides the division champ and wild card calcluations.


You also have to change the whole playoff structure and how it draws the teams for the playoff bracket one the regular season is over


The reason why you get buffalo vs buffalo is the memory locations that are now empty for the wild card games default to zero (buffalos team id) hence why you get buffalo vs buffalo for at least the first 4 games that no longer exist.



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