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Bo knows Tecmo!

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Upon further review, this video is actually very bad. Including this quote: 


>>“I didn’t care too much about positions, I just liked the charismatic players,” Tomie said.<<


without all of this:


>>Japan had limited NFL coverage, but Shimoji and Tomie recorded as many games as they could that were shown on Japanese Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) satellite TV.

Those NFL highlights, along with positional statistics delivered from America, and various analyses in “Touchdown PRO” magazine, perhaps the only NFL magazine published in Japan at the time, provided Tomie with the background knowledge needed to create each player’s attributes.

“Because I wanted to use the unique formations and strategies, I often watched the videos in slow motion while rewinding them and jotting down the players’ movements on paper,” Tomie said.

That quote is amazing when you consider Tecmo Super Bowl has 64 different plays. Can you imagine this man, who at one point knew next to nothing about the game, pausing, rewinding, and watching in slow motion as Thurman Thomas takes a direct snap from the shotgun? Taking notes on how many receivers the Oilers split out in their run-and-shoot formations? And remember, NFL cameras follow the action—not a wide view of all 22 players on the field as they finish their routes or blocking assignments.  I’ve been an NFL fan my whole life and I don’t know if I could pull it off.<<


as well as other details in the original interview, does a huge disservice to the work these guys put in and what they accomplished. 

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