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Who is top 5 players in the world currently?

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Hey fellow tecmo super bowl players!! Bdn here with a very good question here... who in your guys opinion is the very best top 5 tecmo players in the world on nes? 

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    • By Mike Gordan
      Decided to make a topic covering this after I was unable to find a topic at hand here on the off-topic forum.  Basically, I would like to go explore just who were the very best draft selections in each franchise's history.  Of course, when tackling such a subject, I needed to establish a few things:
      1.  Said players had to have been drafted by and played for their respective franchises.  Meaning John Elway with the Denver Broncos or Brett Favre with the Packers are gonna be out of the question, as well as traded, undrafted, or otherwise free agents.
      2.  They also had to be great players with the very teams they were drafted by.
      3.  For the record, I'm going to simply limit our selections to players that were playing while statistical records were being kept; if said statistics are difficult to come by, I personally am not going to include them--though I'm sure some of you might find something noteworthy out of players as far back as, say, 1940 perhaps?
      4.  Existing NFL franchises only.  One could make an arguable exception--or perhaps even make the debate--for the Houston Oilers in relation to the Tennessee Titans.
      With that, I'm sure we can discuss who the best drafted players in each franchise's history are.  Many of them are of course gonna be pretty obvious, though I'm sure we can find some reasonable answers for every team regardless, even if we come to a general agreement on who is easily the best drafted player of a particular franchise (for example, do we need to debate the best drafted player in New England Patriot history?).  After all, I'm sure there are still plenty of great players drafted by just about every team in franchise history that we could debate through thick and thin.
    • By vegas
      I mostly play TSB on NES but wanted to get a take from others on the Bo Jackson character. Obviously Bo Jackson is one of (if not  the) best players in TSB but I was wondering if he is equally rated (speed, power, etc) in the original game  (TB)? And if equally rated in the game is he equally dominant? In full disclosure I am working on a written piece about the character of "tecmo bo" and want to get all the background on any differences/similarities between the two version (TB vs. TSB). Any help is MUCH appreciated. Cheers.
      On a side note,  can someone send me a link where I can look over the specific rating(s) of Jackson in the two games?
    • By Green Majik
      I recently started a blog where I will be reviewing 100 of the NES' best games. I bet you just can't guess which game I chose for #1.




      By the way, make sure to follow the blog if you like other NES games.

    • By Tecmo Pro
      I've found a lot of discussion on the best teams in the NES version but since the rosters are different on the SNES and Sega versions of Tecmo Super Bowl which teams are the best and which are the worsts?

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