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NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

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On 5/25/2019 at 3:12 AM, TecmoSuperFan said:

You know what i'd love to see? Baker Mayfield vs Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship next year.


Sounds good. I'm very concern for both teams though. Sure their offenses are going to be explosive but can the Browns and Chiefs stop anyone?

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I really like the Jets new helmet, but wish their uniforms weren't so college looking. They should've just rolled back to the 80's gang green look. 

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On 4/26/2019 at 12:38 PM, Mike Gordan said:

Anybody whose convinced that Kaepernick was ever any good just because they reached the Super Bowl is simply delusional.  That year, the Packers' defense was shit, and the Falcons were prone for blowing big leads in the second half of big games.  Not to mention the roster those three years were loaded.



Isn't this pretty much the story of GB's lives since 2010??? Their defense always gets the blame, but they were pretty underwhelming in the playoffs all during Rodgers' prime. People love to pick on the 2007 and 2011 Giants, but the 2010 Packers' ring has a lot of flukey luck on it too. Their biggest playoff wins since 2010 are the Joe Webb Vikings game (2012), the Dez Bryant no catch call game (2014), beating Kirk Cousins and a 9-7 Washington team (2015) and beating down an overrated Dallas team in 2016. Looking back in hindsight, I'm not convinced the Packers were really all that great as people thought they were at the time. The NFC has mostly been a crap shoot in the past decade outside of Seattle's back to back years. 


100% agree about those Falcons teams. They were a paper tiger at 13-3 in 2010 and then blew a 17-0 lead in the 2012 NFCCG to the 49ers. Even the 2016 team who is infamous for the 25 point blown lead in the SB, had previously coughed up a big lead in the regular season that year (their loss to the Chargers). 


I like to add here that the 49ers owned by the Packers AND the Saints under Jim Harbaugh. They were undefeated vs GB during that short run and the Saints one lone win against them happened in the Superdome, in a game where we needed a blatant roughing the passer call to erase a fumble and grant a first down on the game winning drive (in a game where the offense spent the entire second half trying to give the game away with turnovers and dumb play calling). 


Vic Fangio was the coordinator under those defenses and was the true reason they were a contender. During that time frame, Brees and Rodgers were the best QBs in the NFC and the Niners owned both of them. Brees' worst game of the 2014 season was against the Niners where he went into a turnover frenzy. Saints fans love to bring up the 2011 playoff loss to them, but I always have to remind myself, their final TD was a Brees hail mary prayer bomb to Jimmy Graham. Yes, they scored 30+ points and made it a game, but the Niners still owned us that day and would've no doubt blown us out if their offense shows up. 


Those Niners teams and Kaep were in the right place at the right time. No one else in the NFC for 2011 and 2012 really had a decent defense except them. People forget that the 49ers were actually favorites in 2010 to make the playoffs. They had drafted well over the years prior to when Harbaugh and Fangio came to town. That defense had been years in the making and though they crashed and burned in 2010, the defense was still good enough to keep games close. Come 2011, they finally had the right coach and the right defensive coordinator to right the ship and bring some success. 


I've never really been convinced that the Niners were the best team in 2012 and 2013 under Kaep. He would do OK, but when he had his bad games, they would crash and burn and get blown out badly. I clearly remember the Seahawks pummeling them late in 2012 and even in their SB, the Ravens had him locked down and were cruising to a blow out before the power went out. I think Denver also blew them out pretty bad in Harbaugh's last year (the game where Peyton passed Favre for most TDs) 


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To who it may concern; I want to see Alex Smith make it back to Washington. Likely it won't happen but I got my fingers crossed. Meanwhile, nice gesture by the Pro Football Hall of Fame by putting Pat Bowlen in automatically. In my opinion he should have got in first before Dallas owner Jerry Jones. To discuss about Kapernick and the 49ers; they should have won their last Super Bowl trip because their Tight Ends were killing the Ravens. Delanie Walker and Vernon Davis should had a field day against the Ravens LB's but they got cute. Just play smashmouth football with Gore and Kapernick running the Read/Pass Option. 


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I'll throw in some way-too-early division standings predictions.


AFC East:

Patriots - 12-4

Jets - 9-7 or 8-8.

Bills - 6-10

Dolphins - 2-14


AFC North:

Ravens - 11-5

Browns - 9-7

Steelers - 7-9

Bengals 4-12


AFC South:

Colts - 12-4

Jaguars - 10-6

Texans - 9-7

Titans - 6-10


AFC West:

Chiefs - 11-5 (No run game to back them up, really.)

Chargers - 10-6

Broncos - 5-11

Raiders - 3-13



NFC East:

Cowboys - 10-6

Eagles - 7-9

Redskins - 5-10

Giants - 2-14


NFC North:

Bears - 11-5

Vikings - 9-7

Packers - 7-9

Lions - 4-12


NFC South:

Saints - 14-2

Falcons - 10-6 (ONLY if the defense doesn't fucking implode again.)

Panthers - 7-9

Buccaneers - 2-14


NFC West:

Rams - 12-4 (Despite Gurley being fucked, their defense is still good enough.)

Seahawks - 11-5

49ers - 7-9

Cardinals - 5-11



I know not everything is perfect to schedules, but these are the general amount of wins I see teams getting.  >inb4 all of these are irrelevant by Week 5.

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Saints have 8-8 or more accurately, 7-9 written all over them this year. I don't see them winning 10 games by that chart.  If the Falcons stay healthy this year, nothing should stop them from making the playoffs. 


I don't trust this Saints team at all. Since before the OT period of the NFCCG loss, they have completely lost sight of the bigger picture ranting about that stupid non-call. They pretty much gave up in that game after it happened followed by how quickly they blew it. This over-reaction has gotten so bad that Payton pushed for rule changes that have now opened the pandora's box of discussion into what exactly is pass interference. I can't wait for us to get screwed in a close game over the rule change and these same fans start screaming new inane conspiracy theories how George Soros Roger Goodell is out to get them, cause no other team in NFL history has had bad calls before.


I am so sick of hearing about that non-call. You blow a 13 point and 10 point lead twice in the same game, something is very wrong and it don't involve the refs. Instead of Payton wanting rule changes, I'd like to know WTF he was thinking with some of the play calling in the playoffs. We were one Alshon Jeffrey dropped pass from being one and done. No one wanted to talk about how awful his play calling was vs the Eagles. Then against the Rams, poor second half adjustments and on the drive leading to the non-call, you call 3 pass plays (both that were almost intercepted including the non-call which could've been an INT if the DB watches the ball) and don't run it to make them use up their timeouts? Just WTF. Even after that non-call, they had a chance for a stop and won the coin toss for OT, only to immediately turn it over. Non-call overshadowed how bad Brees played in both playoff games and Payton's WTF play calling.  


No one took accountability for this loss, instead just blaming it on the non-call and they still won't shut the hell up about it, hence why I don't believe they're going to go far this season. They're still hungover thinking they were "robbed" something that most likely would've just been a ticket for the Pats to destroy them. My gut tells me they'll squeak a close win in week one vs Houston and then get their teeth kicked in on the road in L.A. and/or Seattle before Dallas embarrasses us in the dome. 


Saints fans almost make me wish we had won that game to take a trip to Atlanta and get destroyed by the Pats, just so they will shut up. I seen nothing in either playoff game that told me they would've fared well against New England. We don't have Wade Phillips as our DC or his history of slowing the Pats down, so I'm sure Brady fares better than he did vs the Rams. The Pats would've had a field day picking on Eli Apple and shifting Gronk around our weak DBs. But most importantly, Bill B and the Pats defense would've embarrassed the hell out of Payton with that broken down offense and bad play calling. I've felt in my gut for months the Pats would've blown us out, something ugly like 14-31 with the game completely decided by the 4th quarter.

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Everything  @_DEBERG said was spot on. Not to mention They won the OT Coin Toss and still didn't score. How many opportunities do you want? SAINTS FANS MOVE FORWARD! Sure I have them winning at least 9 or 10 games. I don't see the Steelers coming close to winning the AFC North, Ravens are a better team mentally, Browns are the biggest sleeper. AFC WEST; Chiefs can win 12 games, hard fought because LA Chargers Broncos and Raiders will fight for it. AFC South, Colts will win 11 games. The rest of the NFC is straight forward.

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Not feeling like doing a full blown Power Rankings as of this moment.  And even if I did them, and went into great detail into my explanations, 2019 is looking like it's going to be a serious shifting of the guard here.  I think we are seeing the beginning of the end for a great many teams this year.  Look to see the following quarterbacks to potentially retire following the 2019 and/or 2020 seasons:  Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith--who suffered a gruesome injury late last season that cost the Redskins that single-handedly killed their playoff hopes.  Its because many of these franchises these players represent could potentially keel over and die any moment now, either with their retirements or after they are gone, it's pretty much a crapshoot who the teams to watch out for are going to be.  Even if teams like the Patriots or Saints remain good, it's gonna be based mainly off of other factors like the defense and coaching rather than their quarterbacks carrying their teams on their shoulders.  And with massive, massive questions concerning paying big players big money, and cutting others to make cap space, other teams like the Cowboys, Chiefs, or even the Seahawks might potentially be staring down the barrel of the gun soon and start to struggle in ways that eerily resemble what happened to teams like the Broncos, Lions, or heck, even the Packers (among others) after they spent big bucks on their best players only for the vast majority of them to stop performing to the best of their abilities either due to lack of hunger or simply a lack of surrounding talent.


It's for reasons like these that many, many people are absolutely curious to see what the current five draft prospects from 2018 might have in store for us.  We are even a bit curious to witness the young, potential legends of Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, Patrick Mahomes, Mitch Trubisky, or even Jimmy Garoppolo to see if either of them might transcend the NFL in the near future.  Heck, the question is not exactly whether or not the Patriots will win their division again so much as whether or not any of their division rivals will finally stop shitting the bed nearly every time they play a potential big game and actually take charge of their playoff destiny for once.


To even rank all 32 teams now--even if I have a basic idea on where to rank them--is an exercise of futility.  Because frankly, nobody knows anything.   I honestly do not buy that the Patriots are a top 5 football team; I honestly don't even believe they're even the best team in the AFC.  But they pretty much have the easiest schedule in that entire conference pretty much every single year without exception, so the record will mask their weaknesses.  That an the general lack of a complete team in the AFC.  I also do not believe for one second that the NFC is absolutely loaded to the brim with great teams.  That simply isn't ever going to happen.  If it did, the NFC would be winning Super Bowls constantly by now.  But instead, they are mostly shitting the bed every time they have to play the Patriots.  Unless you're in the NFC East apparently.


If I have to take a guess, it'd probably be something like this:


32.  New York Giants:  Crap

31.  Oakland Raiders:  Crap

30.  Arizona Cardinals:  Crap

29.  Miami Dolphins:  Crap with potential

28.  Baltimore Ravens:  Overrated crap

27.  Jacksonville Jaguars:  Overrated crap

26.  Denver Broncos:  Underachievers under Vance Joseph

25.  Washington Redskins:  Underachievers with question marks at QB

24.  Cincinnati Bengals:  Underachievers with no offensive line

23.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Underachievers with zero defense

22.  Buffalo Bills:  Can't beat the Patriots

21.  New York Jets:  Can't beat the Patriots

20.  Tennessee Titans:  Need to prove themselves

19.  Atlanta Falcons:  Need to stay healthy

18.  Detroit Lions:  Hard to win in a tough-as-balls division

17.  Carolina Panthers:  Need to stay healthy

16.  San Francisco 49ers:  Need to stay healthy

15.  Houston Texans:  Need to stay healthy

14.  Green Bay Packers:  Needs leadership

13.  Minnesota Vikings:  Needs an offensive line and actual playmakers

12.  Philadelphia Eagles:  Need to stay healthy

11.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  Needs leadership, discipline, and youth

10.  Seattle Seahawks:  Needs an offensive line

9.  Cleveland Browns:  Needs to prove us all wrong

8.  Kansas City Chiefs:  Needs defense, and needs it badly

7.  New England Patriots:  Will age be a factor here?

6.  Dallas Cowboys:  Time is running out for this team

5.  New Orleans Saints:  Will age be a factor here?

4.  LA Rams:  Needs Jared Goff to grow and develop, and needs Todd Gurley healthy.  Badly.

3.  LA Chargers:  Needs to play with a great deal of self discipline

2.  Chicago Bears:  Needs a kicker who can make field goals

1.  Indianapolis Colts:  Because fuck it!  That's why.


Yeah, pretty random, isn't it?  No thought or serious objective analysis.  You want that?  Watch ThatFranchiseGuy's YouTube videos.  He just got done with number 10, and the Packers, Eagles, and Steelers haven't even popped up yet.

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