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Sammamish, WA - 7/27/19 Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 4 - Sammammish Smashmouth Tecmo at the Eagle's Nest

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Hear ye, Hear ye.


It is time to start gearing up again for THE BEST TECMO EXPERIENCE ON THE PLANET! (Don't @ me) The following describes not a tournament per se, but rather a live console season in which many games will be played at the same time rather than having to wait for 1 game. All season stats will not only be available for perusal on the game roms but also updated on our CFT Phile as we proceed. The goal is to give all owners as close to the original live tecmo season experience as possible, without taking so much time to complete, and with all teams closer to each other in overall attributes. In so doing, we all accept our fates and acknowledge the greatness that is the Tecmo Super Deities, and their love that will rein down upon us in all its forms and greatness, whether it be the JJs, the CCs, the condition or injury love/hate, and that most barbarous and diabolical form... THE JEALOUSY! Our goal is also to have at least 12 (more is possible) owners join for festivities.


Location: The Eagles' Nest (Overlooking Majestic Lake Sammamish in the Cascadia Foothills) Due east of Seattle, Joey B's money spot.


Date/Time: July 27, 2019. Begin at 9AM Pacific Time. YES 9AM DAMMIT!


Cost: $15 (Super Bowl Winner collects all monies) All Praises to the Tecmo Gods


Website: http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/main.php (has rosters)


Streamed? YAS! The goal is to Record all games and Stream one to two (to 4?!?)  games at a time (depending on how the game(s) are shaping up.) Yes Inspired by the Red Zone Channel and other similar stream styles where multiple games can be displayed. Streams will be on https://www.twitch.tv/kamphuna8/  All previous CFT playoff games and a healthy amount of regular season games are all on my YouTube channel.


Format and Draft: All games will be played on NES Consoles using Everdrive Flash Carts. Teams will be drafted in a non-Snake format using the attached Spreadsheet. Draft order will be based on previous year's performance. Those that were not there will be placed according to my discretion. The draft will be similar to HSTL format in terms of rosters. Each position group including QBs (x2) RBs (x4) WR/TEs (x6) OL (x5) DL (x3) LB (x4) DB (x4) will be drafted by each owner. All the OL, DL, LB and DB tandems are going to be locked in to their alignment that is on the original Tecmo Super Bowl rom. No WRs or TEs can carry the ball on a RB run play. A salary cap will also be utilized (according to the tecmo_salary_cap.xlsx spreadsheet from @bruddog ) where no team can go over the $100 mark. K/P will all have the same attributes (50 50 I believe) and Owners can provide names and faces for their idiot kickers. A night will be organized and announced for the draft on our discord channel. This year the draft will take place on or nearly after the anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens Eruption on May 18, 2019.


More draft details will follow, including possible modifications to the format in terms of cap costs (using the season 3 method of adding a dollar to the price of the previous season's players and taking away a dollar from undrafted players, as well as potentially mixing up the tandems, including OG rom Kicker/Punters and their costs. Time shall tell.


Draft order will be posted below prior to the draft.


Regular Season: Regular season will be determined once we have our final participant list  There will be 2 conferences (no divisions in the conferences) with (hopefully) at least 6 teams in each conference.  For owners that participated in previous CFT Seasons, the same teams will be used (this may change, I just have to flesh out the implications of how it will all be displayed and accessed when looking at team histories on the CFT Phile). We should have at least 6 stations and ideally we'll have upwards of 12 players. With 6 stations (Everdrives and NES plus CRT) we will be able to have 6 games at once and just merge without having to do 2 sets of games in a given week (which I think has caused issues with stats merging in the past). Conditions and injuries will function as they would on a normal console Regular Season, with conditions carrying over from week to week, and injuries that can result in a player missing up to two more games after the game in which the injury occurred. All the season stats will also be available on carts as we go along. It is JUST LIKE REGULAR SEASON ON TSB! ALL HAIL THE Tecmo Super Deities! and bruddog. Never forget bruddog.


Playoffs!!?!: After the Regular Season concludes, the playoffs will all be played on one console with each playoff game streamed. Playoff seeds will be determined using Tecmo Super Bowl's tiebreaker logic,  with teams in each conference seeded from 1 thru 6 according to regular season record, and the tiebreaker is point differential. In the event of a tie with same point differential, the team that won the regular season matchup will get the higher seed. Top 2 seeds in each conference get that Wild Card Round bye. The final regular season Rom save will be hacked to place the 12 playoff teams into the TSB Playoff bracket. The Playoffs will determine the Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Super Bowl Champion for Season 4! If we don't get 12 players, we will do the playoffs differently.


Participant list for Season 4: CFT Player Profiles linked as well.


1. kamphuna8 - COWBOYS1  CFT History

2. @boogiewithstu - BEARS1  CFT History

3. JoeyHoneyBee - GIANTS1  CFT History

4. @Tick -  BENGALS1  CFT History

5. @XtraLargent - RAIDERS1  CFT History

6. @DT. - FALCONS1  CFT History


7. @bruddog - RAMS1

8. @gripsmoke - 49ERS1

9. @~Tailback King~ - CARDINALS1  CFT History

10. @ptitteri -75% in BRONCOS1  CFT History

11.  @invader_star64 -Probable SEAHAWKS1  CFT History


Not Commited


12. @manYo720 -  CHIEFS1  CFT History

13. @TheProfessor - LIONS1 

14.  @SirTed - BUCCANEERS1  CFT History


 JayMC425 - BILLS1  CFT History

@gonickmontana - BROWNS1


@GameHigh - Team TBD


Owners Confirmed Out.


Kevin aka LBird33 - DOLPHINS1  CFT History


 @fairfensheeding - OILERS1  CFT History


Cascadia Tournament Historical Links:

PNW Honbasho 1 Behind the Woodshed 1/26/19 1st DT, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd kamphuna8, 4th PTitteri

CFT RNG 1  Sammamish Smshmth   12.30/18   1st Invader, 2nd kamphuna, 3rd and 4th DT and Stu (lost in Conf Championships)

CFT Season 3 GrgeDys Revsted 11/10/18  1st kamphuna8, 2nd Stu, 3rd and 4th Tick and Randy (lost in Conf Championships)

CFT Season 2 Grit City Tecmo   7/28/18  1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd and 4th DT and Stu (lost in Conf championships)

Portland Tecmo 2 JJ's Birden   1/27/18   1st kamphuna8, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd Tick, 4th DT (Greats rom side tourney 1st Gripsmoke, 2nd kamphuna8

Seattle  Pimpin' Ain't Easley       9/3/17      1st Ptitteri, 2nd Mort, 3rd DT, 4th Invaderstar (Consolation Champ  Tailback King)

CFT Season 1  Tacoma              7/8/17      1st kamphuna8, 2nd DT, 3rd XtraLargent, 4th Invaderstar

CFT Season 0 Centralia             3/11/17    1st Tick, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd DT, 4th Manyo

3Portland 1  JJ in the Beaver     1/28/17     1st Invaderstar, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd Manyo  (Consolation Champ 1991Huskies #shoottheJ)

Pac Rim 3  Seattle                     9/4/16        1st Moonwalk, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd jim jensen, 4th DT (Bottom Bracket Winner Boogiewithstu  over gripsmoke)

PNWTC 5   Centralia                 7/2/16         1st Gripsmoke, 2nd SirTed, 3rd Tick, 4th Manyo

Mayhem 5  Centralia "Dick"     8/29/15       1st kamphuna8, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd Gripsmoke, 4th Manyo

PNWTC 4    Centralia               7/11/15          1st DT, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd SirTed, 4th kamphuna8

Mayhem 4  Centralia "play 2"   1/2/15         1st kamphuna8, 2nd manyo, 3rd grip ( Night mayhem 1st kamp, 2nd manyo, 3rd TailbackKing)

PNWTC 3  Centralia                    6/21/14       1st gripsmoke, 2nd Invaderstar, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Randy F Mr. GiGGles

PAC RIM II  Seattle                      4/12/14       1st Invaderstar, 2nd Gripsmoke, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th Stanley?

Mayhem 3  Tacoma Trailer Tecmo  4/4/14  1st kamphuna8   Mini Tourney Winner Invaderstar

Mayhem 2  Centralia                   3/1/14          1st kamphuna8, 2nd Sir Ted, 3rd Manyo, BoogieWithStu

Mayhem 1 Centralia ACTUAL    2/15/14        Manyo over kamphuna8

Mayhem 1  Centralia                  8/17/13         Didnt happen... 

PNWTC 2    Centralia                  6/30/13         1st kamphuna8, 2nd Randy Foulfield, 3rd Sir Ted, 4th BoogieWithStu

PAC RIM I  Seattle                       4/7/13           1st Randy, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd tie Sir Ted and Tyler J

PNWTC 1   Olympia                     6/23/12         1st Randy, 2nd GoNickMontana5, 3rd Manyo, 4th BoogieWithStu  RESULTS


Rumblings by CochiseBlue(Luigi)  and MadManyo and GoManyo360

Edmonds at Another Castle        5/20/11          1st Manyo, 2nd kamphuna8, 3rd Boogie with Stu RECAP


RodWoodson aka TecmoGodfather aka PNW Live Tourney Godfather



Field Guides!

CFT2 Field Guide.xlsx

CFT2 Field Guide.pdf


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Johnny Johnson is getting geared up to contribute solid regular season numbers but to also do everything in his power to lose close games and avoid the playoffs or at least lose the first playoff game yet again.

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my brothers! I have to work out what's happening that weekend as the 27th is a good friend's birthday. Put me down as tentative. Super freaking excited! Definitely can help out with local recording of each TV so that we get awesome historical vids @kamphuna8 ūüôčūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹūüėÄ

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OK I am very happy to announce a draft date. In remembrance of that day back on May 18, 1980, the day that literally shook the PNW, we will be having a live draft/retro sports extravaganza (think several mini tourneys) on May 18th in the Garage here in Grit City.


If you are in CFT 4 but can't make the live draft, you will just have to draft from home and hopefully enjoy the streaming of the draft and live retro sports action from the comfort of your own home.


I have confirmations from Stu, Joey B, and White Tick.


Still waiting to hear from some like @~Tailback King~, @XtraLargent, @DT., @ptitteri, @invader_star64and @gripsmoke.


Current games list for the Retro Sports Tourney.


Atari - Fishing Derby, Freeway, Tennis and Warlords. Possibly Hockey. Maybe even Frogs n Flies because Grandma's Boy.

NES - RBI 3, perhaps something around facing Tyson (fastest to beat him), Tecmo Bowl, Ice Hockey, Golf, Micro Machines,  2 on 2 TSB, Sprintmaster

Genesis - NBA Jam (not TE) because Juice Mode and Big Heads, NHL 95 (because crack) (I'm open to NHL 94 instead)


16 Bit GENESIS or SNES - Home Run Derby (World Series Baseball?), QB Challenge


Im open to other suggestions (and closed to some) ;-) Holla!


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On 4/20/2019 at 10:37 AM, kamphuna8 said:

OK I am very happy to announce a draft date. In remembrance of that day back on May 18, 1980, the day that literally shook the PNW


 Also, May 18 2017, RIP Chris Cornell

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3 hours ago, allamerican1569 said:

Love the draft board.  Was everyone in person for the draft or at least some of you guys?

At one point it looked like we would have 9 of the 12 owners present... but things (and bad sushi) happened. At least we have good fathers in the group. Ended up with 5. Did you check out some of the Atari footage? I haven't cut it up to YouTube yet, but I've never cried so much in my life as playing Warlords

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41 minutes ago, allamerican1569 said:

No I'll check out the Atari Footage.  On your Youtube? Did you stream the draft?



Right now it's just on my Twitch Videos - Previous Broadcast. I'll have it on YouTube by the Weekend I'd guess. I didn't stream a ton that day due to technical issues, but you'll be happy to know we had the Tupa Bowl up on a TV in the garage pretty much all day. 

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Anyone know of a cheap way to get from the Wisconsin area to the PNW that dosen't require me to pay a crapton of money or drive a crazy long way or hitchhike?  I've checked from the Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis airports nothing even close to the $200 area i was hoping to get.  It's on my Tecmo bucket list to go to a tecmo tournament in the PNW so i can whip @~Tailback King~ ass at Tecmo and hang out with you guys which could be the funnest community in Tecmo.  

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