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Hey @VGifted Just wanted to tell you, this is cool stuff. 


I used to come on the forums here regularly back when I had more time on my hands and wasn't married. I would post threads detailing my games (mostly from TSB 2 and 3) cause I was so amazed with these games and how crazy they can get. You can find some of my old threads on here and my stories about Tecmo. I named my account after Steve DeBerg and specifically his time with Tampa Bay cause I had some of my most memorable seasons with him trying to turn Tampa into a SB winner (and crazy shenanigans always happen when you use a dumpster fire team) 


I wanted to give you a bit of encouragement, cause reading Tecmo stories is always fun. If you ever have any close games (including losses) where crazy stuff happens, feel free to write us up a story on it! I will definitely give it a read!

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