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War Machine

Thunderdome XI Game Recaps: Group Play

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Dolo’s Group

i won toss and called MIA v CIN

Barletti chose MIA


Barletti gets the ball and grinds out a drive mostly on the ground but with one burn route to Clayton. Takes all but 14 seconds of the 1st quarter but goes up 7-0.

I get the ball and conditions change with Brooks going into good. I ride that horse into the end zone.

I force Barletti to punt and I get the ball just past midfield and try a looooong FG. It’s good! Even with Offerdahl basically holding the ball for me - laces out.

I get the ball after half and quickly go up 17-7. Barletti rides Duper in good and scores to make it 17-14 late in the 3rd.

I pull together a drive despite great D and picked plays by Barletti, but had to convert a 4th and 2. 24-14 now.

Barletti turns the ball over on downs after that, and I punch in one more score for pt diff reasons.




GG Barletti, you’re a good dude.

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  • Your Group - Group 4
  • Who won toss - Peters
  • Matchup called by coin toss winner - MIA/DET
  • Team that coin toss loser chose - MIA
  • I accidently onsided as P2, he drove down and threw a pick in the EZ.  Sammie (Sanders) Smith needed 2 plays to score.  He got the ball back and bled the clock and scored with under a minute left in the half.  Second half I got the ball and hit Jenson on a long dive, score.  He again took his time and scored.  Marino led a drive that stalled around the 30 of DET and ended in a FG.  DET again took their time with around 2 minutes left and tried a 60+ yard FG to tie and missed.
  • 17-14 Final
  • I didn't record because he was streaming, but the stream was bogging down the connection.  My apologies.
  • TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
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27 minutes ago, tecmobo said:
  • Group Duck
  • Kamph
  • PHX
  • Kamph demanded I choose a PHX matchup and then chooses PHX. I felt tricked. Also there was a game and PHX lost 7-24.

Thank you for accommodating me so much




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