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War Machine

Thunderdome XI Game Recaps: Group Play

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  • Group 1
  • PrimeTime won toss
  • Mia vs CIN
  • The_sheild took CIN
  • primetime won 17-7
  • mia came down scored 3 first drive, stopped CIN o down came down and scored again 10-0. CIN got ball 2nd half came down made it 10-7. CIN held Mia to a punt. CIN QB fumble Mia scores again. Gg glrw Shield

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GROUP A MATCH UP: Eifer vs Primetime


I won the toss again and select Eagles vs Bills


Again Eagles went down 7-14 after a fumble by Randal


However in second half Vandal manages to get up at the end of game and Eagles win 21-14


eifer finishes first stage with a 3-0 record


GG Primetime

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  • Group 5
  • Ziur won the coin toss
  • Falcons vs Vikings
  • He chose the Falcons
  • First off, the dude goes and sets his playbook up with Tampa Bay. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and call it a honest mistake, I told him dude you said ATL VS Minny what are you doing? He laughs and sets up Atlanta....We both stop each other on downs and then I finally scored. Scored two more times and then he looked as if he quit or gave in...Minnesota was too powerful for the Falcons. Atlanta may have had a better chance had Ziur not went for luck JJs. Leaving your fate in the hands of tecmo is never a good thing...GG.

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Group C

Thrash wins Toss


I take MIA

MIA DBs really stepped up with the INTs, and the offense was clicking after a couple of hiccups (1 fummie and 1 pick).

Final was 37-7


GG Thrash!

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  • Group B
  • Coin Toss Winner Stalltalk
  • Matchup Bengals/Chiefs
  • Darth takes Chiefs
  • Very tightly contested game, check out the stream below with chat speculation throughout of who's who.  Bengals take it late, 17-14





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Group 12

I won toss

I chose WAS vs RAMS

He picked RAMS

Well I tried to give up and gave up a quick score only to battle back as always. Throw a pick? NO PROBLEM!! In 2nd half conditions and luck won me game as bob throws the CC and I stop grappling to attempt to stall for time. It works, 17-14 final.


Edited by mrsdzruy65

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  • Group H
  • 8-bit called the toss
  • He called KC-CHI
  • 8-Bit: KC / RetroNathan: CHI
  • 8-Bit played really well throughout the game. I managed to claw back from 14 down with the help of an interception by a jumping Mark Carrier. The game went to OT, and I won the toss. Drove down the field (a long JJ helped), and scored to win 27-21. Great game with 8-Bit.



Edited by RetroNathan

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Goup 14

Da Riddler vs. SammieSmith33

I won toss called Pitt vs. Den

He chose Denver.  Even though I think in his heart he wanted Pittsburgh.  I was a tough choice for him.  It took like 5 minutes.


1st Half Action:


I win toss and elect to kick.  He drives down effortlessly to my 30 and goes for it on 4th and 1 and tries to do the Elway sneak play 4 curl up the middle drone grabs him and then I came in and finished it off.  Turnover on downs.  I get the ball drive down to his 30 get stopped and Anderson hits a field goal.  3-0. 


He gets a drive again and gets to about my 40 goes for a field goal to tie and Lloyd must have been in excellent because he just streak in and tackles Kubiak and no field goal was even attempted.  It was crazy.  It was Lawrence Taylor speed.  Cocaine must have been involved.  That was my only reasoning behind this.


I drive down to about the 30 again.  Get stopped Gary Anderson kick a field goal. 6-0.  He puts in Kubiak for a final Hail Mary before the half nothing happens.  6-0 Half time.


2nd half Action:


I get the ball drive down and he runs up on me to try to get Brister and Brister throws a ball out in the flat to Hoge.  He rumbles 20 yards for a touchdown. 13-0.  Now the next three possessions the first two with Elway the last with Kubiak, Woodson gets 3 interceptions.  He was in beast mode.  He was breaking tackles and getting 20 plus yards on every returned interception.  Neither Elway or Kubiak could throw a jump ball, they were pretty on target which led to Woodson getting the picks.  I scored on the next two drives. A touchdwon pass from Brister to Hill.  Then Hoge runs in a 10 yarder.  Last possesion I just ran out the clock.  Game was 27-0 Steelers over Broncos


Da Riddler is a good player.  He was able to move the ball pretty well.  Just some freak plays and like I said.  Pitt D was in rare form.  They were everywhere.  I almost wonder if everyone was in excellent because they were moving fast.  It would be interesting to see how things would have turned out if Elway would have gotten that 4th and 1 and if he would of made that field goal.  It was fun playing and enjoyed the talk with the Riddler.  Good stuf



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  • Group B, Stalltalk vs. Hawkeye
  • Coin Toss Winner Stalltalk, again
  • Matchup Vikings/Redskins
  • Hawkeye takes Redskins 
  • Another close one: Hawkeye receives and punts after a first down or two, but the Vikings punt right back. The Skins put together a nice drive but have to settle for 3.  Wilson dials up A. Carter in good and completes a long bomb standing still in the end zone for a TD.  Hawkeye times a perfect bomb before halftime, but it falls incomplete. Vikings start with the ball in the second half and put together a long, scoring drive capped off by a TD from Walker.  Washington responds after getting two huge cut blocks by WR2 Gary Clark and Byner runs in for the TD to make it a one-score game, 14-10.  But the Vikings control the ball, and score another TD with little time left to get the 21-10 victory.  21-10 Vikings

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Group L

tundrayeti vs jesusluvsme


tundrayeti wins toss, calls G.B v CLE

jesusluvsme selects CLE


Cle wins coin toss and GB returns. GB has a Sharpe performance and converts on some 4ths to make it 14-7 just before half. After the KR, Cle has 3 seconds on the clock. Nelson rushes to disrupt JJ timing, but QB Browns tosses it to a wide open Metcalfe? who outruns the Pack for ~50 yards for a TD - 14-14 at half.  Some INTs by QB Browns and more Sharpe action lead to GB win. GG.


G.B 28  v  CLE 17

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  • Group F hot action
  • I won toss
  • Called SEA-CLE
  • Nelson79 predictably takes CLE
  • Plays right into my hands, provides opportunity to drop some goofy ass passes for deep plays
  • nsv desynched right as shit was getting interesting
  • much needed garbage TD achieved to win 24-7, hopefully thrusting me ahead of a few homies in the seeding
  • GG Nelson79

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