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Tecmo Cleveland 2019

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Dates for Tecmo Cleveland 2019 are a work-in-progress; however, this year our goal is to slide the tournament back a little further in the calendar year. For the last few years we've been close to the dates for Midwest Tecmo and Tecmo Columbus and want to space out the tournament scene the best we can. 


The top contenders for dates we are looking at are the weekend of November 1 - 3  or November 8 - 9.  At this point we are leaning towards November 8 - 9 as the favorite. 


TSB tournament would be the Saturday date in all dates/weekends proposed, with similar start/end time. 


We had around 68 total registrants last year for TSB with I believe 63 in attendance on gameday, so it was a great turnout. We have a lot of great stuff planned for this year to expand the programming for the entire weekend. Thanks. 


Tom Jenkins

[email protected]

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Awesome, hopefully I’ll be able to make it this year. I’ll try to make whatever dates you decide but if the Browns have a home game the following Sunday that’d be nice! I could prolly bring in 5-6 more guys from southern Ohio.

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When I think about Tecmo Jam Cleveland 2019 I get so excited I have trouble breathing. 


It's a goal of mine to spread the Jam love as much as I can this year. At each Tecmo tourney I go to, I hope to bring a Jam TE Genesis set-up. For added flavor, my friend @Dan S and I run a challenge where we take any and all contenders. We offer our opponents a tier advantage, but if they play us straight up they can win money off of us. So far it has been fun to see the interest there is out there for Jam.


Another goal I have is to do a video series on the Retro Sports Gamer channel (@allamerican1569) called NBA Jam Rules. I'll be doing play-throughs of NBA Jam and NBA Jam TE on both SNES and GEN. I'll be offering tips and promoting the Jam tourneys this year -- Tecmo Jam Cleveland and Tecmo XV in New York.


 @TecmoClevelandif you need any help spreading the word, let me know. You can also find me at Joseph Readitnweep Moore on FB.

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