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Rams Lose Victory Party

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Sure @Bolt


I strangely enjoyed this Super Bowl. Since getting married and hanging out with my brother-in-law, one of the things we tend to do is dig up old NFL games and watch them. He's a decade older than me and has more knowledge of the 70's and 80's. It's pretty cool to download or get old tapes of those games and watch them during the summer. I appreciate being able to witness how the NFL was from before I was born. The "dead ball" era of the 70's is really interesting where defenses would dominate games and tonight reminded me of watching those old games. 


Growing up watching the Mora Saints, my favorite NFL players were Sam Mills, Rickey Jackson and Pat Swilling. It took me a while in my adulthood to adjust to enjoying games with good QB play thanks to having Drew Brees as the Saints QB, but there is just something way more fun watching a dominant defensive performance. I think this is the reason that over the years, I have a big soft spot for the 2015 Broncos. Seeing Von Miller and Demarcus Ware wreck shit was satisfying. 


This SB really reminded me of that one and felt like some old school 70's-80's era NFL. Brady didn't play as bad as Manning did that night, but he was far from special. In the case of both of them; had a younger Brady showed up tonight and if the Peyton Manning of old had walked in for SB 50, both of those SBs would've been blow outs. Both of them would've rained touchdowns over the Panthers and Rams if they weren't at their age at the time. Offense constantly stalling is the only thing that kept both of those SBs being close going into the 4th quarter. 


Tonight's SB should've been a blow out. 2 tipped INTs, a fumble bouncing out of bounds and the early missed field goal all account for keeping the game closer than it should've been. Even when it was 3-3, it really didn't feel like the Pats were going to lose control. I felt the same way with Denver in SB 50. That game was 13-10 most of the second half but it felt like the Broncos should've been up by several scores. 


Jared Goff looked like a mediocre at best QB tonight. If not for McVay telling him what to audible and where to throw the ball pre-snap, he would be a bust as he looked to be back in 2016. I didn't think he could play worse than Newton did in SB 50, but he did. As well as the Patriots defense played tonight, Goff wasn't facing a historic defense like the 1985 Bears.


Many Saints fans have been arguing for 2 straight weeks now that we should be there instead of the Rams. Brees likely puts more than 3 points on the board, but I seen nothing in either of the Saints playoff games that told me they would win the SB. Had they been there, I am pretty sure they lose tonight too. The Saints would've probably been an easier opponent for New England cause the only weapons on offense they had was Kamara and Michael Thomas; both of whom can be shut down and then it's a 40 year old Brees throwing to a cast of no-name scrubs. The Saints defense wouldn't have fared much better either. They had zero sacks in the playoffs and losing Sheldon Rankins really hurt their pass rush. And finally, LOL at anyone who thinks Sean Payton was going to out-coach Bill Belichick. He just reminded us how bad of a QB Jared Goff was before McVay became his coach. There is no way in hell Payton wouldn't have got embarrassed by Bill B tonight too. 


I enjoyed the SB, but I can definitely see why some fans would find it boring. 

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Five Thirty Eight wrote this back in September about the Patriots. 




It came true in the end. 


One more note on this SB - After a season with all the high flying offenses and shootout games, it felt great and a perfect ending for the SB to be a defensive slugging match with low scoring. 


Regardless what people say, defense still wins championships. All the Patriots needed was ONE single drive all game to get a TD and the defense did everything else. Had they caught those tipped balls for INTs and got the fumble that bounced out of bounds, this would've been a bloodbath like those old blow out SBs that have become rare now. 


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So much for my prediction of Rams winning the SB but wasn't too far from becoming correct. I was right scoring would be 'under' but didn't think it'd go that low.


Aikman has said before that NE 'is the safest bet in football.' To come from another franchise's QB who led them to 3 SB wins no compliment can get any better than that.

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