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TFO Season 7 - Starts Feb 5th!

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Are you sad that the NFL Season is almost over?
Do you like Tecmo Super Bowl?

Ever wish for a full TSB Season you could watch weekly... with imaginary and fantasy teams?!?
17 weeks, with a full post season and 6 bowl games!  All played by the CPU!!!
TFO Football Season 7; Season of Hades!


TFO stands for "Tecmo Fantasy Owners". The idea and rom hack are ran by the TFO Commish TheRaj. The entire project is named "Tecmo Fantasy Owners Football League" or "TFO Football League".

Each team in the TFO Football League has been created by a different person; an Owner of a TFO Team. These owners set the stats, names, colors, logos, and superstar players for their team via an RPG like application they were sent. In essence they have "purchased" their dream teams.
After each owner submitted their team it was hacked into the original Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES. The 2013 Season had 24 teams in total, and in the 2014-2016 Seasons the team limit was increased to 28 teams, and then in the 2017 Season the team limit was increased to 36 teams thanks to the use of two Roms!


To make things more interesting instead of releasing the rom right away we document each season of TFO Football through our weekly programming, with our season started the week after the NFL Superbowl (this season will start Feb 5th with the Saturday Mornings taking on the Sunday Knights). Each week TFO brings out full game footage, commentary games, video highlights, and other YouTube updates and scheduled TFO programming.

Season 7 of TFO (2019 Season) kicks off on February 5th 2019!!! THE SEASON OF HADES!!!

And once a season is over we release the hacked version of the games for everyone to play! Game will contain all TFO Teams, the entire season schedule programmed in, along with a few specials and bonus extras!


The whole project really wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the amazing community and forums that we have here at TecmoBowl.org. I really appreciate everything this site has given me in the last 7 Seasons of TFO, and how TFO has really grown into something amazing that me and my friends look forward to every year! So if you like Tecmo Super Bowl and want something to watch while NFL is offseason, check out some TFO Football!


AND AS A BONUS: We just uploaded our first Pre-Season Game of the year (Knights of Camelot vs Urzas Magic). Check it out here!


EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: http://tfofootball.weebly.com
**Download Past Season Roms of TFO**

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Time to kick off Season 7 of the Tecmo Fantasy Owners with a big time matchup, and this one is gonna be a barn burner! We got the rookie owner Oak taking on the veteran Anthony, as the Saturday Mornings take on the Sunday Knights this Tuesday, Feb 5th at 6pm EST!

So don't be sad that the NFL season is ending (NFL stands for No Fun League anyway!) instead embrace the awesomeness that is TFO as we start our 17 week regular season the Tuesday after the SuperBowl!!!!

-Saturday Mornings at Sunday Knights (Game posts at 6pm EST on 2/5/19)

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