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Hey Everyone!!!!


I've been a long time fan of TSB since I had it on the NES back in the day. This is the game that taught me how football worked when I was child hahaha. To this day I still go to a local restaurant bar with my friend and play on a laptop with him every week. We are decent players but I'd like to get to know the terminology and all the other things that can deepen the game which leads me to my question: Is there a resource I can find any of this stuff? I've seen users talk about "lurching" "tap running" and what-not. Is there somewhere I can read on all of this? 


Thank you so so so much for your time!


Also, bonus question, does the 2019 modified TSB-NES rom have any difference on the RNG of turnovers? I feel like it's much more common in the new ROMs. 



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1. Have you read the Leif Powers FAQ? 



2. unless explicated stated in a read-me most newer roms won't have modified fumble probabilities.  I don't think introducing more fumbling would be what most people would do and it wasn't done on the site's 2019 rom

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