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Bad Moon Rison

New York, NY - 01/26/19 - Rumble in the Bronx! - Bronx Bowl 2019

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Bronx Bowl 2019


When: Saturday, January 26th, 2019- Setup and registration starts @ 10:00 AM EST; Play will start @ 11:00 AM EST.

Location: Bronx Alehouse, 216 West 238th St., Bronx, NY
(Uptown 1 train to W 238th Street)
Website: http://bronxalehouse.com/
Desired Number of Participants: 24-32

Buy-in: $20 Pre-Reg entry, $25 at the door

Tourney Format: Similar to the Tecmo Equalizer format, group play will include 4 players in each group playing one another in round-robin format. Groups will be formed based on skill level with seasoned veterans and former tourney winners in the same groups with newer guys in other groups. Matchups for group play are decided based on matchup cards.  Once group play is completed, all players are seeded in the bracket and are seeded according to their finish in their group standings and record. Players then draft their team that they will be using for the rest of the tournament until one champ remains! 


Equipment: We need Nintendos, TVs, Controllers, Carts! If you are able to bring any of these in working condition, please let us know what you can bring and how many of each. If you are able to provide any television sets, please let us know the size and any kind of hookup (Coax/AV Cable).

Prizes: Trophies and cash prizes will be awarded to top three participants. All participants will be eligible to win raffle prizes throughout the day!

How to Register: Registration online at northeasttecmo.com will be up shortly! Pre-registration is $20!


Questions: Feel free to post questions about the tournament below or you can direct them to [email protected]



Come out and participate in Tecmo in the Bronx!

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23 minutes ago, Bad Moon Rison said:

Thanks! I will try to follow along tomorrow's action. I am talking it over with some others on how we can tweak it to optimize for our players.


You guys always have solid turnouts and I'm sure you would like to see some other passionate Tecmoers in your area with a shot at a title.  I think this will work out well for you, just as long as your elite players are up for the challenge.  

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