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Hall of Fame 1992 Candidates

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Reminder of the Criteria:


The WTF Hall of Fame will ran by the HOF Committee.  The Committee will consist of the HOF Commissioner (myself) and 5 committee members.  The introductory committee will consist of Jesusluvsme4ever, Chiefs Jr, Stalltalk, Arncoem, and Bo.  The Commissioner will nominate all eligible players and the committee will vote.  Only the Committee members can vote, but all league owners can respond and discuss in the voting forum.


Guidelines for Eligibility:

A player will require 66% of the vote to become a hall member.

The player has to have played at least 5 seasons.

The player has to have retired at least 3 seasons ago.

A player can only be eligible a maximum of three different times.  If they don't accumulate enough votes three times, they can no longer be eligible in the future.

There will be a maximum of 5 eligible players allowed for nomination per year.  There will be no minimum.

Owners are eligible to join the HOF, but must have played at least 10 seasons or impacted the league dramatically (ie, Brooks-wtfphile)


And on to the candidates:


Dave Waymer, DB  http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=903


Dave Waymer was drafted in the 1st round of the 1980 WTF draft by the Detroit Lions.  Waymer was a 4 time All-Pro and 5 time Pro-Bowler.  He is 5th all time in interceptions with 83, hitting his high water mark with 16 interceptions in two different seasons.  He also has 6 career playoff interceptions.  Dave Waymer was also an outstanding tackler ranking in the top 10 all time tackles by a db.  This is Waymer's 2nd year as a nominee.



Ronnie Lott, DB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=1237


Ronnie Lott was the 1st overall selection in the 1981 draft by the Chicago Bears.  He was a true monster of the midway who could cover the entire field by himself.  Lott was a 3 time All-Pro and 7 time Pro-Bowler.  He is 6th all time in interceptions, 7th all time in db tackles, 6th in db sacks, and tied for 1st with 2 interceptions returned for a td.  Ronnie Lott also shares the single game record for most interceptions in a game with 5.


Steve Fuller, QB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=39


Steve Fuller was a player who always over achieved and eventually went on to dominate the league for a 4 year stretch.  During this time Fuller was a 2 time All-Pro, 3 time Pro-Bowler, the 1985 Offensive MVP, and a 1983 Super Bowl champion.  Fuller was then traded to the Dolphins where he continued to put up good numbers.  Fuller is 6th all time in passing yards, 5th in touchdown passes, and has a career qb rating of 109.


Mark van Eeghen, RB http://www.wtf2.puretecmo.com/main/player_hist.php?pID=158


Mark van Eeghen was one of the most dominant rb's in WTF history and was a staple on the Steelers for his entire 10 year career.  Van Eeghen was a Pro-Bowler in 9 of those seasons, a 5 time All-Pro, and a 1988 Super Bowl champion.  Van Eeghen averaged over 10 yards a carry per season, never had a season below 1,500 rushing yards, was 5th all time in rushing touchdowns, owned the all time career rushing yards record at the time of his retirement, and finished his last 3 seasons with over 2,000 rushing yards in each season.  He also holds the best rushing yards per attempt with 14.3 in his final season.



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Van EE & Fuller - both dominated & Fuller was a 44pc QB most of his career which shows don’t have to be a maxed out guy to be dominant.  


Lott was 75/75 maxed out as a rookie & had some poor seasons w 3 & 4 ints.  There should be 1 game each season a 75/75 DB has w 3 ints in it alone.  He should’ve been more dominant. 

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Van Eegen: No brainer.  10 year run at the highest level. Yes.

Lott: His all time numbers hold up, even if he did have a couple down years.  I hated playing this dude.  I vote yes.

Waymer: Gotta pass.

Fuller: Even though he had a short window of being dominate, he accomplished more in those years than most did in their entire careers.  Yes.

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In my first year as a HOF voter (Bone flaked the league), i'll be voting for:


Mark van Eeghen: Not much to say here. Guy is a legend.


And I'm going to give the nod to Steve Fuller: he was dominant for several seasons, an MVP, won a Super Bowl, and is top 10 in numerous stats. 


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Congrats Mark  Van eeghan! 

He is on wtfphile enshrined in the Hall of Fame along w/ the other immortal heroes of the WTF!


(HOF class of)

RB Chuck Muncie (1989)

LB Robert Brazile (1989)


QB Vince Ferragamo (1990)

RB Walter Payton (1990)


QB Phil Simms (1991)

QB Joe Montana (1991)

RB Tony Dorsett (1991)


RB Mark Van Eeghan (1992)


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