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1992 MVP Voting

MVP Voting  

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  1. 1. Offense

    • QB Dan Marino (SF 49ers): 62% for 3,012 yards w/ 39 tds / 5int - 163 rating (career best season for every category)
    • RB Bo Jackson (KC Chiefs): 2,317 yards - 13 ypc w/ 39tds (69MS will be back at 69MS next season tought to repeat & missed games injured too)
    • WR Sam Graddy (SF 49ers): 47 receptions - 1,797 yards w/ 24 tds (career high RECs & TDs)
  2. 2. Defense

    • DL Howie Long (NE Patriots): 9 sacks w/ 1 interception
    • LB Darion Conner (SEA Seahawks): 27 sacks w/ 1interception & 69 tackles
    • DB Albert Lewis (OAK Raiders): 16interceptions w/ 2 sacks & 79 tackles

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Yeah he was his team’s MVP but didn’t have the year Marino did - they had close to the  same attempts

kreig 122/213

marino 134/215

 w/ Marino completing more 

completion % comparison:

(Marino 62% to Krieg’s 57%)


Marino  had 350 more passing yards than Kreig did but the biggest difference was Marino threw 11more TD passes than Kreig did. 

They both had the  same 5 ints. 



Marino 136 NFL rating (163 Tecmo rating)

Kreig 132 NFL rating (136 Tecmo rating)


both had a 50ms RB & a 44ms as their RBs. 


both lead their teams to 11-5 records and won their respective divisions. 


Cant argue the facts. 

If Kreig  impressed you that much it only makes sense Marino would get your vote since he was better than him - but it’s also a make believe award so Wtf Tecmo dan marino’s Feeling won’t be hurt. 

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