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Who's playin' Tecmo today?

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We won our last game of the season in OT




Can I get an Amen?



Brought to you courtesy of https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/70232-nes-gojis-nfl-tecmo-super-bowl-liii-week-17-version-2/?do=findComment&comment=495681


No falcons were harmed in the making of this stupendous result



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Boy, I wasn't lyin' was I ...


10 hours ago, Bolt said:

We won our last game of the season in OT


Need I say encore?




'Twas a whale of a CC, as I didn't score a single point till the last second of the third (trailing by 13, then)

Enter, another OT

Both teams get the ball twice...  And, Cannon sounds the Fat Lady with a nifty 6-yd run!



Way ta make a name for yourself, Chaperone Pinko


Now, behold the majesty of my gilded empire:





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After going 1317915483_TecmoSuperBowl(U)Gannonz16-0.thumb.png.361326ddc9299861620ca6031991bc8a.png ,

810180952_TecmoSuperBowl(U)GannonzPic.thumb.png.b6d932d0c7452b9fc90312697e825220.png managed


to throw 5 INT's in the first Playoff game




Thank you.

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I don't think a day has gone by this season where I haven't played this game. Play testing and tweaking the latest release I put out and another file I plan on releasing later which is the latest version of the TSB Redux I have been tweaking for over a decade. Just lost to the Patriots in the AFC championship game 24-10 (I was the Titans, went 13-3) in my latest release and now the Rams and Bears are going at it in the NFC title game COM vs COM. 

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