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Green Bay 11-21-2018 7:30PM Turkey Day Eve Tecmo

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Less so much a tournament, more of a get together.  So far about 10 confirmed to get together over at Boehmer's Bar in Howard tonight 7:30 till midnightish.  There is no cost to participate, and all single serve alcoholic drinks for those that participate are $1 off.  Out of this get together, a tournament of sorts may break out, or may not.  Due to the skill gaps, we'd do a pick your team draft, best players pick last, worst players pick first etc.


If the Internet cooperates i'll stream on Twitch.tv/trojan1979


https://www.facebook.com/events/284029438778800/ if you want to RSVP there.


Should have 4-5 systems in play, all CRT and Real NES.


Drink, play Tecmo, be merry.  I'll snap some photos, and post results if a tournament actually happens.  If you are anywhere close to Green Bay, come out and join us, even if you don't want to play.


Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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We had a good turnout.  It became clear nearly immediately that that bar was going to be packed, and it was.


Off the the top of my head here's who came out...


Will S





Nate Rykal

Bryan P


Jon B

Big Johnson


Nate England

and finally myself


There was zero chance of Internet behaving, and since space was a premium, we didn't stream.  What we did accomplish was give a bunch of novice players an opportunity to get some games in, as well as some friendly pickup games between some veterans.

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