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Omaha, NE - 11/18/2018 - TSB and SF2

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Play Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) & Street Fighter 2 turbo (SNES) Sunday November 18th and help support the Children's hospital of Omaha with the 5th annual fundraiser. 
$15 entry gets you in the door and proceeds go to helping Omaha kids. Tecmo Super Bowl starts at noon. Street Fighter starts at 3PM. Both are double elimination tournaments. Additionally we'll have other NES and SNES games to play before and after tournaments. You may purchase tickets at the door, or use the link provided to purchase online. 

This year's fundraising efforts by "Extra Life Omaha" will help Children's Hospital & Medical Center of Omaha to begin purchasing Virtual Reality hardware for behavioral therapy. 

TSB game play rules. 1. Nosetackle dive is not allowed. You must engage the O-lineman, or go around them if you choose to blitz. 
2. No wide receivers in running back position. 
Pre-game: Coin toss winner names the 2 teams in match-up and coin toss loser has 1st choice of team.

SF2 will use default settings. 

Extra Life Omaha is an annual charity event bringing gamers together to raise funds for Children's Hospital & Medical Center here in Omaha. Gamers will enjoy two days of gaming on all platforms. With tournaments, giveaways, and open play gaming, Extra Life Omaha has something for everyone!
For more information about Extra life Omaha, and all the additional events and attractions that will be at Bellevue university Saturday & Sunday, visit their facebook page at https://facebook.com/ELOmaha.

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