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2K Season 1: Schedules, Deadlines and Consequences

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2K Season 1: Schedules, Deadlines and Consequences


ROM drops will occur on Monday’s and/or Thursdays.




  • Weeks 1, 2:  Monday, November 12
  • Weeks 3, 4:  Tuesday, November 13
  • Weeks 5, 6: Thursday, November 15
  • Weeks 7, 8: Monday, November 19
  • Weeks 9, 10: Thursday, November 22
  • Weeks 11, 12: Monday, November 26
  • Weeks 13, 14: Thursday, November 29
  • PLAYOFFS: TBD (see special playoff thread for this)





You must have played the following amount of games by the date given, or you will receive one demerit.


  • 2 Games In: Thursday at 9 AM EST, November 22nd
    • (8 Games In = Gold Star)
  • 5 Games In: Thursday at 9 AM EST, November 29th
    • (12 Games In = Gold Star)
  • 8 Games In: Thursday at 9 AM EST, December 6th
    • (14 Games In = Gold Star)
  • 11 Games In: Thursday at 9 AM EST, December 13th
    • (14 Games In = Gold Star)
  • ALL GAMES IN:  Monday at NOON EST December 17  (violation here will result an immediate boot)





Consequences for demerits will be triggered at end of season, UNLESS 3 demerits is reached, which means an immediate boot. If you get 100% of your released games in by any eligible Games Played Deadline, you receive a GOLD STAR and will have one deadline demerit revoked. If you don't have any at that time you may use it later in the season. T


Please note: Vacation threads will be discussed on a case by case basis in regards to these deadlines. The Commissioner reserves the right to withhold or revoke demerits as he sees fit for special situations (such instances would be explained in this thread.) Additionally, the Commissioner may boot someone at his discretion for more serious violations in the interest of the league at large.  


  • Gold Stars:


  • 1 Demerit: Warning



  • 2 Demerits: Drop to last draft tier



  • 3 Demerits: Immediate Boot (don't pass GO, don't collect $200)


Failure to complete your 14 game schedule by the designated final deadline will result in not making the playoffs.  Depending on circumstances commissioner has right to overrule this depending on situation.


  • If you get booted due to demerits or quit mid season for whatever reason, you will not be able to join the 2K wait list for 3 full seasons after the current season.  You will also be disqualified from the league tournament even if you've qualified.  I ask that if you're thinking about quitting, to just try to finish out the season. The banishment from the league only applies if you drop out mid season. If you leave during the offseason or after you completed your games for the season, you are welcome to come back at any point.


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