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NTA League is returning!!! Sign up!!! Only 4 spots available

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There are only 8 spots available. Spots will be handed out on a first come first serve basis. Please post your preferred team below. 

For those who aren't familiar with how NTA operates, I've attached below some things that may answer some of the questions you may have. You may also message me on Discord @suicideking81 Link to NTA website ---> https://www.tecmo.us/nta/

The National Tecmo Association is a spiritual successor to the Improved Tecmo League and the Noob Football League before it.  The league is about making some tweaks to the original game, while keeping the same rosters, attributes, and feel of the original. Another important aspect of the league is the camaraderie, competitiveness, and dedication each individual member brings to the league.  The league's goal is not to be the largest, but to be a group of cool tecmoers enjoying a league of simplicity



Each season will feature a quick draft of randomly chosen teams that can't be re-drafted until all others have been. 



Drafting will be conducted in tandems.  You will select ONE of the following (in any order):
RB 1 & RB2
WR 1 WR 2 & TE
Backups and OL (includes QB 2, RB 3 & 4, WR 3 & 4, TE 2 and all OL)
DL  (1-3)
LB's (1-4)
DB's (1-4)
Kicker and Punter


The Regular Season:

The schedule is made up of back to back home games against the same opponent to make for quick and easy scheduling and even out the left side "advantage".


The Playoffs:

The good...everyone makes the playoffs.  The bad...the worse you finish in the season the harder it is to win it all.  Taking a page from the ETL, the worst team has to run the gauntlet to the title while the Season "champ" only has to win 1 game.  


Playoff Bracket
      #7 vs #8
      winner of above plays #6
      winner of above plays #5
      winner of above plays #4
      winner of above plays #3
      winner of above plays #2
      winner of above plays #1 for the Championship


Here are the hacks we use in our league:


Returner Hack:

KR and PR speed based on their actual MS, not the RT and SS as the orig rom currently does. I've tested this with the fastest offensive players in the game, and it definitely makes the return game more of a threat!  


Grapple Hack:

Makes the HP of players involved in man-to-man grapples actually matter by giving extra presses to the higher HP player. In the original rom all that matters is tapping. Drones start with 7 default taps, and then are given more based on the HP scale. Man players are only given taps based on the HP scale. Good tappers will still have an advantage over bad tappers though. 
HP Scale
      13 HP....0 presses


Quickness Hack:

Allows for defensive TD's from INTs and fumble recovery's by using the quickness attribute as MS for those returns. As of now INT returns for a TD are a very rare occurrence in TSB, which is unfortunate given that they are fairly common in real life. This adds a little bit more risk to the JJ and CC offensive strategy.


Player 2 Conditions Fix:

This is a minor hack; it fixes an apparent bug in the orig rom that shows the attributes of player 2's players incorrectly. Does not affect gameplay.

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1. Bengals or Bills - TundraYeti

2. Saints - SuicideKing

3. Giants - Justin Peters

4. Eagles - RedNeckWhiskey






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