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2K Wait List

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Thank you for your interest in the Tecmo 2K league!  If you would like to join the wait list, please reply in this thread with the following information:


1.  Discord Name

2.  Can you host?

3.  Team preference (list 3 teams).  Can be any of the 32 teams in the NFL.



Current Wait list:

1.  Swamp Chicken (Pit, or any team)

2.  Cubsfan (WAS, DEN)

3.  Speed (Doesnt matter)

4.  Tundrayeti (GB or not Browns)

5.  Odell (DET)

6.  Turbo (Phi, Pit, NO)

7.  ptitteri (SF, ATL, TB)

8.  8-Bit (Min)


10.  Primetime ( G.B, Pit, ATL, CIN, RAI, Min, Det, WAS. )

11.  MattyD (IND, NYG)

12.  Hughmillenation (MIN, OAK, DET)

13.  Simplesimon ( Prefer Bears, or any team not named the packers )

14.  Nelson79 (No preference)

15.  AC Slater (PIT, ATL, CIN)

16.  johny_mx (KC, ATL, DET)


The names below are new to community so will need to show reliability in pickup games and other leagues before being added to the league.  They may be jumped by proven reliable owners.


17.  Ohiocincinnati (CIN)

18.  AZcards77 (Ari, KC, Hou)

19.  Pistolpete- ManBearPigSkins (GB, DET, PIT)

20.  Msukc (DET, KC, LAC)

21.  Stacyscene (HOU, IND, OAK)



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1.  Discord Name: MattyD

2.  Can you host? Not yet- working on it

3.  Team preference (list 3 teams).  Colts, Giants after that-doesnt matter


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Yes, I can host.

I have no team preference. 

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Posted (edited)

1. ACSlater

2. Never tried. But if necessary to participate in this league, I’m tech savvy and could figure it out

3. Steelers Fan but would represent any team (top 3 would be PIT, ATL, CIN)

Edited by ACSlater

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