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2K League Bylaws

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The Tecmo 2K league is a modernized version of our beloved Tecmo Super Bowl.  We use updated rosters from todays 32 NFL teams with hacks such as 2 point conversion, current OT rules, and XP's from further distance. 


In here you will find everything you need to know about the league.  It’s overwhelming in information so to best help you navigate through this thread, please use the links below to jump to certain topics of interest to you (or just scroll through the posts). 

(Click blue text for link to topic)

  1. General League Items
    • Hacks
    • League Size
    • Player Pool
    • Draft
    • Divisions
  2. League timelines and Schedules
    • General Timeline
    • Schedule and Pace
    • ROM Release Schedule
    • Deadline Consequences
  3. Playoffs and League Tournament
  4. Game Play Rules (Overtime rules listed in here)


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1.  General League Items


A.  Hacks:

  • 2 point conversion!  Ball will be placed on 3.5 yd line
  • 30 yd XP’s.  Ball will be placed on 13 yd line.
  • Modern NFL Overtime Rules!  See Game play rules section for detailed rules.
  • In game playbook change hack. Limited to twice per game.
  • Preseason injuries hack (you can play your season games in preseason),
  • Tackle-stats hack (it will count the tackles defenders make)
  • The fumble in the end zone hack (which prevents stats from being lost when a player is tackled in the endzone and fumbles)
  • Bruddog's stat extractions including the Tap Meter during game play.


B.  League Size:  Tecmo 2K will be comprised of 16-20 league owners.  We will never go above or below this range.


C.  Player Pool:  This is a current NFL player ROM so we will use todays NFL players.  The commissioner will create player ratings every calendar year (usually before start of NFL season) and will use these ratings for the entire year.  


D.  Draft: 

  • We will re-draft from the current 32 team NFL players.  Each season will draft from different mixes of this 32 team player pool so every draft will have different feel to keep things fresh.  Even though this is a 16-20 team league,  all 32 NFL teams will be represented every season.
  • The draft will be conducted on the forums and managed through a google doc. There will be a separate draft thread with more detailed rules specific for that season’s draft format.
  • Draft order will be a lottery system, broken into tiers based on the owner's prior record and reputation. For season 1, the owners will be broken up by their division with the Bronze division drawing for first 5 picks.  The Silver, and so on and so forth.


E.  Divisions

  • There will be 4 divisions with 4-5 owners in each.  We will utilize the tiered division format grouping players together by skill (similar to GTFO and past ATA).  The divisions will be named Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Top players will battle with each other for division titles while less skilled are grouped together and have a better chance at the playoffs each season.   
  • After each season, all division winners will get promoted to the next level while last place finishers will drop down a division.  For example, first place finisher in Gold will move to the Platinum division while last place finisher in Platinum moves down to Gold.
  • New owners will be placed based on incoming skill as best as possible.  This may mean having to move multiple owners if needed. However, since this may be challenging, the new owner may end up being in a division where he may be over qualified.  For example, if Joeygats is coming into the league replacing an owner in Bronze, commish will try best to move him to Silver or above.



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2.  League Timeline and Schedules

A.  League Timeline

  • The 2K league will follow a general timeline with its seasons and league tournament.  The general timeline will be as follows:
    1. September:  New ratings released and start new season
    2. September-May:  Complete 4 seasons with the ratings released in September
    3. May-June:  League tournament
    4. June-August:  Summer recess to take a break from it all.
    5. Start over from step 1. 


B.  Schedule and Season Pace

  • Each season will consist of a 14 game schedule.  The schedule breakdown will be as follows
    • Division opponents twice (8 games)
    • Platinum vs Gold and Silver vs Bronze (3 games)
    • Remaining 3 games vs remaining two divisions (3 games)
  • The pace will be fast and similar to HSTL.  From draft to championship game should take approximately 1.5-2 months.  There will be ~ 4 seasons every calendar year.


C.  ROM Release

  • ROM drops will occur on Monday’s and/or Thursdays.  There will be a separate ROM release thread that lists exact dates and deadlines.  Below is a sample:





D.  Deadline Consequences

  • In order to keep pace with league mates, there will be a demerit system similar to HSTL.  If you complete all games by deadlines, a demerit will be removed.  Below are the consequences
    • 1 Demerit:  WARNING
    • 2 Demerits:  Drop one tier in draft lottery
    • 3 Demerits: BOOT from the league
  • Failure to complete your 14 game schedule by the designated final deadline will result in not making the playoffs.  Depending on circumstances commissioner has right to overrule this depending on situation.
    • If you get booted due to demerits or quit mid season for whatever reason, you will not be able to join the 2K wait list for 3 full seasons after the current season.  You will also be disqualified from the league tournament even if you've qualified.  I ask that if you're thinking about quitting, to just try to finish out the season. The banishment from the league only applies if you drop out mid season. If you leave during the offseason or after you completed your games for the season, you are welcome to come back at any point.



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3.  Playoffs

  • Tie-breakers:  We will adhere to the NFL's Tie-breaking Procedures. NOTE:  Any step in NFL tiebreaker where its based on “Conference” record, will be skipped since this league doesnt have conferences). https://www.nfl.com/standings/tiebreakingprocedures


  • Qualification:
    • 8 teams will make the playoffs.  4 division winners and 4 wild cards.  Replacement owners must play at least 8 games with their team before they are eligible for the playoffs.
    • The Platinum division winner is automatically the #1 seed regardless of record.  The remaining 7 teams will be seeded by win %.
    • In the event there is a tie for the 8th and final seed, here is how it plays out:
      • If 2 teams are tied:  (1) H2H tiebreaker (2) PLAY IN GAME!
      • If 3 teams are tied:  Adhere to NFL tiebreakers for Wild Card


  • Playoff Matchups:
    • The playoff matchups will not be based on seeding.  Instead, the higher seeds will CHOOSE their opponents throughout each round!  
    • In round 1, The #1 seed (Platinum Division Winner) gets to choose to play any playoff team seeded 4-8.  Then #2 selects any remaining team seeded 4-8, then #3 selects remaining team seeded 4-8.  Then the last two remaining will be matched up.
    • In round 2 (Final 4), the top remaining seed gets to choose from any of the remaining teams.  


League Tournament:

For more information on the $500 league tourney open to only league members, please go to the following link:



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4.  Game Play Rules


POSITION LIMITATIONS: RBs can play RB, WR or TE without restriction.  WRs & TEs can play RB, WR or TE... BUT THEY MAY NEVER RUN THE BALL FROM THE RB POSITION.  Any player may run the ball on reverses, however. 


NO LURCHING:  When crossing over the line of scrimmage WITHIN the restricted circle with a DL, before making a play on the ball carrier (QB or RB), you must first bump or grapple with an opposing player who is not the ball carrier. There are no restrictions on DL when the offense is in the shotgun or when crossing over the line of scrimmage OUTSIDE the restricted circle.


  • If opponent lurches (whether the runner is tackled or not) the offensive team is awarded an automatic first down. 
  • If opponent does it again (after first time consequence is enforced) the game is automatically awarded to the other team.


**If lurching occurs and nobody says anything until game is over or later on in the game, there is no going back to enforce.  The rules must be enforced as it happened and will not go back and replay anything.  KNOW THE RULE and KNOW TO ENFORCE THE RULE!


FOURTH MAN DOWN: Use of fourth man down on PATs is ILLEGAL.  FGs are LEGAL.


ONSIDE KICKS: Onside kicks are legal at any point in the game.


OVERTIME:  The 2K league will use the modern NFL OT hack.

  • Each team must possess, or have the opportunity to possess, the ball. The exception: if the team that gets the ball first scores a touchdown on the opening possession or the defense scores a safety on opening possession.
  • If team with ball first kicks a FG, then other team gets the ball and can win on TD or can force suddent if they kick a FG to tie.
  • There will be no clock for overtime.  NO TIES.  Game gets settled until there is a victor.


DESYNCS: In the event of a game desyncing, the owners involved need to man up and sort it out. If they can't, the commissioner will make a determination about what should be done. Generally speaking, the game ought to be replayed from the point of the desync if possible.


NO QUITTING / NO ASSHOLES: Do not quit, give up, forfeit, or throw any league game. Always compete to win, and always strive to maintain the integrity (standings, statistics and general well-being) of this great league.  Do not skip the coin toss unless there is mutual agreement to do so. After the game, if you lose, you must allow a reasonable amount of time for your opponent to get a save state and snap of the game summary screen.  Don't be an "asshole" in-game either, which can be defined in a variety of ways, but for now shall remain the sole discretion of the commissioner to interpret and enforce. Remember though, in case you ever need to file a complaint, to ALWAYS RECORD... for without video proof it's far less likely any action will be taken on your behalf for in-game douchebaGGery.


CHEATING:  No collusion between owners.  No using turbo. No using the play-picking program.  However, the Conditions Checker program is permissible.  If you are new and don't know about this program, you might be interested in learning more about it (allows you to see the conditions of all players, offense/defense, on both teams on a seperate side window)... it can be downloaded somewhere on this website.


CONSEQUENCES OF CHEATING: If the league finds you guilty of CHEATING, then the first offense is a 4-season boot, or MORE (commissioner's discretion for the penalty).  The second offense is a lifetime ban.


COMMISH: The commish, or whomever is dropping ROMS, is not allowed to change his alignments during a double ROM drop.  For example, if Weeks 3 and 4 are scheduled to drop on the same date, the commish cannot change his alignments inbetween the Week 3 and 4 drop, since other players don't have that privilege.


COMPLAINTS:  If you think your opponent has broken any of the game rules or the game was unplayable due to lag or desynchs, please register your complaint with them. If a just conclusion is not reached between the two contestants, or if the violation affects the result of the game, then you may file a complaint AFTER THE GAME with the commissioner by sending him a PM, preferably.  Cases of game rule violations will be dealt with on a game-by-game basis; possible penalties may include, but are not limited to, a forced replay or forfeited win.

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