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Modifier to FG accuracy


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I’ll try and write a detailed post on this at some pt but there is a random aspect to a kickers accuracy.


Its not a random number but the value used is based on the kicking arrow speed and cycles as the arrow moves up and down. 


It wont always be the same value at the same arrow location.


So this could cause the arrow to be in the exact same spot and have the kick bounce in one time and bounce out or miss entirely another. 


Because of how the math works out a 50 kicking ability kicker in average condition will never have his accuracy modified.


Roughly 70 pct of the time every other kicker will have his accuracy modified. Sometimes the modification is more extreme than others as it modifies it using the top two bits of a byte value. 


So there are 4 possible modifcations


Top two BITS of value

00 = none

01= light 

01= Major

11= Major 


light is about the effect of the arrow being one tick higher/lower.Major ia about 4-5 ticks higher or lower.

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Here is a worksheet you can use to see whether a FG will go in given a given arrow location. 


The only cells you want to change are


B2: This sets how far off from perfect your arrow is. See sheet 2 for examples. 

B3: This is a random modifier. Set it between 0 to 3. There is a 25% chance of each one occuring except for 50 kicking ability kickers. 

B5: kicker skill rating (6,13,19 etc). This will fill in how many notches the arrow can be off and sets the kickers range. 




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Kicking Ability dictates how far away you can be and still be in range for a FG.

It also dictates the range/speed of the arrow 

It doesn't dictate whether or not the FG will be good. 

That is dictated by a combination of distance away from the endzone, distance the arrow for the kicker is away from center, and the "random accuracy modifer".  You can think of the modifier as a random chance at wind or something like that which will decrease your chances of making a FG that isn't kicked dead center.  


If you are dead on with a kick and the kicker is in range, it's a FG.

The more you are away from dead center, the less you have a chance to make the FG depending on the distance away which is common sense.  You can be very off on a 20 yard FG and make it while being slightly off on a 65 yard FG can mean a miss.


On 9/21/2018 at 1:52 PM, bruddog said:

Because of how the math works out a 50 kicking ability kicker in average condition will never have his accuracy modified


On midrange kicks you're looking at sometimes getting up to a 5 yard penalty. Like if you kick a 52 yard FG and you are 4 notches from center a 50 KA kicker will make it every time whereas anyone else will make it half the time.  If you're talking about a 49 yard FG where you are 4 notches off, all kickers will make this all the time.


There are certain scenarios where this really makes a difference.  For instance a long FG where you are within 2 notches of dead center has a random accuracy modifer range of 15 yards.  In other words, being 2 notches off with most kickers means that you may or may not make a 69 yard+ FG. For a 50 KA kicker, if you are 2 notches off you will make the FG every time up to 73 yards.


One would have to trade off the forgiving arrow of higher KA kickers and increased kicking range vs the lack of penalty for a 50 KA when trying to value them.  (One would also have to realize that the changing condition of the kicker would matter as well).  I won't bother to guess at this right now so that it's not taken as gospel.

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So let me see if i got this it doesn't matter if you're on the top or bottom hash missing 1 notch up or down is the same regardless 

So for every other kicker besides a 50 KA in Average (So a 44 in good would still be effected by it?) a Random Number effects if a kick is good or not based on how many notches from perfect you are i think i got this


My understanding for the Maximum range is that a 44 Kicker can make a kick from midfield being the Line of Scrimmage and that it went one yard per notch different.  Meaning Mike Lansford in bad having a 13 KA can still make a kick if the line of scrimmage is no further than your opponents 45 and Nick Lowery in Excellent having a 94 KA can make a field goal if the line of scrimamge is no further than your own 42.

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Is there a hack that adjusts where the COM will be willing to go for a field goal? They always seem to be willing to go for 50-60 yard kicks which seem a bit unrealistic.

Basically it would be great to have a hack where you can set it so COM never tries a FG unless they are inside the 40 or some, set yardline.

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Hmm. So there's no need, then. Thanks.


Out of curiosity, does that also apply to the computer? I feel as if they're a little inconsistent...even from a short distance. I'm trying to get the game to feel and play like the original is all, but with an old style football field perspective.


@#294C0. The default value is 90. I'm guessing changing this to 9A would add 10 yards?


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Thanks, man. I knew the math had to be off. The guy posted that FF and a 100 ka rating would mean a fg kick at around 90 yards or so, but I couldn't understand what he meant when adding up this figure. This affects the computer and man controlled player both, correct?

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Yes a kicker with 100 kick rating and that value changed to FF would have a small chance at making a 90 yard field goal. I don't really feel like laying out all the math but its essentially


kicker skill distance value + fixed minimum kick distance value + random kick distance value  


Yes, it affects both the man and the com controlled players. 

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FG mechanics are the last thing I'm hoping to change in my ROMs as it's frustrating how often the COM misses what should be easy kicks.  Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these points:


1. Based on the values in column AP, I understand this to mean someone with 06-13KA can have the arrow travel 14 notches in either direction, whereas the arrow for someone with 94-100KA will go only 7. 


2. The random modifier dictates how far from the center the arrow starts?  That is, sometimes it starts dead center, and other times it starts at the far end of the kicker's range.  Or, is the modifier just saying that even though the arrow is dead center, it acts as if it's a few notches off?


If I've got that stuff right, can someone please explain the following?


I have code at x2A7A0 that changes the arrow speed/distance:


So the bottom line of code is the arrow distance and I changed it from a range of 7-14 to a range of 5-12 notches?  I suppose I can play with the range using the table to find a happy medium for me...


But, I remember there being a value that determines whether a kick is clearly good, bounces in, bounces out, or misses entirely, as illustrated in this post:  


I think changing the green/yellow/pink/red areas is preferred, as it allows for more customization over simply saying how far the arrow moves, but is this possible and where is the hex code?   Is it possible to remove the random modifier, or is there a way to apply it to those with 50KA?  I'd rather everyone have it, or no one have it.


Edit: I found the hex location for the image bruddog posted in the link I included about how the arrow distance works (x294df), but I don't know if that will ultimately help me.

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Does anyone know how to edit the hex location that would make all missed field goals be placed at the 20 yard line instead of on the original line of scrimmage? I know this applies to under 20, which is already in the game, but the old rule had it beyond the 20, also. This was a rule in the NFL prior to the 1974 season and I would like to implement this code into my 70-73 roms. Thanks to anyone that could help.

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