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Making 85 90 95 and 2000 Roms for TSB III


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I haven't been able to get any replies to my post so far, but I'm going to keep trying.  I've finished a revamped 1995 TSB III with accurate rosters and what I believe are more accurate stats.  In COM sims so far, it's been doing very well.  I am starting work on a 1990 version, then a 1985, and finally a 2000 version.  But, since these are for human players, I'd like to make them harder.  Could someone tell me how to or if it's no trouble apply for me the following hacks to my rom in order of priority:


Super Bowl Level Juice

Better AI pass coverage

AI finds open receiver

Longer kickoffs with improved coverage

Directional punts


I'd love to put these up in the downloads section once I'm done, so any community help would be appreciated.





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