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Mike Gordan

Week 3 Pick 'ems 2018-2019

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Week 2's now in the books.  Now it's time to pick the Week 3 games.  I'm gonna follow schedule from Tecmonster's 2018-2019 rom from now on, so here's what I've got:


New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers

New York Giants @ Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks

Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers


So come on in!




@gojiphen malor




@Miles Prower


Also, for future reference, if you don't specify who's going to win by game time, it counts as a loss against you.  If you honestly cannot bring yourself to guess right away, you have until the games start to come up with a winner.  Or you can be the gutsy one and call a tie.


Anyways, I'll make my picks later.  I need to think about my choices before I settle on anything concrete.

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New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns > Jets over Browns. If Sam Darnold and the Jets' D can't take advantage of the Browns, Todd Bowles might end up in the hot seat.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons > After a rather surprising loss to the Buccaneers, NO is taking on Atlanta. I think the Falcons will win. ATL over NO.

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins > Washington over GB. With the seemingly serious injury to Rodgers limiting his mobility, the Redskins may actually pull one out. 

Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles > Carson Wentz is due to return in this game, but with limited weapons i think Philly will fall. IND over Philly

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings > After the tie against GB, i expect the Vikings to win. Bills are down a DB after Vontae Davis quit in the middle of the game. Minnesota over Buffalo

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins > Look for the Raiders' downfall to continue down the rabbit hole, as a heartbreaking loss to the Broncos sent them to 0-2 Miami over Oakland

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens > Baltimore over Denver. Denver barely eked out a win against the hapless Raiders, and look worse for the wear.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers > A good show between two of the fiercest wildcats. I anticipate it'll be a shootout, with the Bengals surprisingly going on top. Cincy over Carolina

New York Giants @ Houston Texans > Look for DeShaun Watson to have a decent day against the Giants. New York's defense looks pretty bad. Houston over NYG

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars > After a win over the Patriots, look for the Jags to continue rolling. Jax over Tennessee

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs > After a shootout between KC and Pittsburgh with Mahomes winning, another one will be brewing. KC over SF.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams > Chargers will be down without Travis "Butterfingers" Benjamin. Look for the Rams to dominate. Rams over Chargers.

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks > Dallas over Seattle. Seattle looked terrible during the Bears game.

Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals > Battle between Trubisky and Bradford. Look for Chicago and Khalil Mack to add a few more insults to a team that already got blown out. Chi over Arizona

New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions > Belichick knows just how bad Matt Patricia is. NE over Detroit.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay BuccaneersÔĽŅ > Look for FitzMagic to continue his work. TB over Pitt

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Hello folks and welcome to another week where I go full retard on every pick!


New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns - Both these teams under performed last week.  Zane Gonzalez may have been cut, but it's not like rookie kicker, Greg Joseph, is a good option either. The Jets will be questioning the existence of Jetsus if they end up losing here.  However, for the hell of it, I think Cleveland's defense could bail them out here. Cleveland wins this one, but by a close margin.


New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons - I messed up, so this won't count, but Saints.


Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins - Yeesh, Rodgers is gonna be on both legs this time, and if him against the Vikings was on a bad day, Washington needs to find shelter on another planet.  Green Bay wins here.  Allow me to preemptively wish the Redskins a peaceful death.


Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles - Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense nuke the Colts defense into another timeline.  Eagles win.


Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings - Buffalo has been choking to death on blood and razorcake for two weeks.  The Vikings should win this by a landslide.  If the Vikings blow this, I'm amputating both of my tails with no anesthetic.


Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins - Oakland hasn't been able to win with that defense of theirs and I'm gonna keep going against them until they stop playing like a damn peewee team.  Miami wins.


Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens - This one's likely going to be a close one.  However, Denver is just barely pulling off games.  Yes, Baltimore may have lost last week, but the Broncos can only use bullshit magic for so long.  Ravens win this one, but it's gonna be close.


Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers - Cincinnati has been red hot coming into this match-up.  Carolina slowed down a bit last week and I'm not sure if they have the fuel to win this one.  Cincinnati wins by cheap shots and spamming A.J. Green.


New York Giants @ Houston Texans - Why, Part 3: Somebody please kill me.  Two teams walk into a bar, both pass out drunk and one dies from alcohol poisoning.  That team is the Giants.  I believe the Giants' O-line is really going to be the end all be all to this team's failure.  They just wont survive Houston's pass rush.  Houston wins.


Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars - The Jags performed very well last week, even without Fournette. The Titans are REALLY going to have to step it up to even stand an iota of a chance.  Jags win.


San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs -  

It's the Chiefs offense.  I'll be surprised if the 49ers defense stops these guys more than twice.  KC by about 28.


Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams - In a game that will likely be over-hyped because "Muh LA vs LA", the Rams should win.  The Chargers did okay last week, but that was only okay.  Against the Bills.  Rams win.


Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks - Please don't watch this.  Cowboys win by a FG.


Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals - Chicago wins.  I have nothing to say to the Cardinals that Danny DeVito can't imitate them as.



New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions - No.  Just no.  Patriots win.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - The Steelers have been struggling for the past two games, so when they have to go up against the 2-0 Bucs with FitzCeption(or Magic), it's likely a death sentence for them this game. Bucs should win here.


Going 7-9 last week wasn't too bad, but it sucks my internet went down for three days. All's fair on the gridiron and the internet, though.  Now let's watch as everyone tears their ACLs or suffers some other season ending injury.  Fuck you, Daniel Carlson.

Edited by Miles Prower

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New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers

New York Giants @ Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks

Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers



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Cleveland Browns

New Orleans Saints

Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia Eagles

Minnesota Vikings

Miami Dolphins

Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals

Houston Texans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks

Chicago Bears

New England Patriots

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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CLE -- Yo, these Brownies are for real, dawg.

ATL -- ATLiens never die.

GB -- Fudge packers got sumpin cookin' this year... dammit.

PHI -- I hear the eagles are good, and the colts are bad... film at 4:20.

MIN -- The Buffalo Jills got their work cut out for them this season.

OAK -- Beastmode on the Bear Grylls show a few years ago was CLASSIC.

BAL -- Denver playing at sea level? Too much oxygen, methinks.

CIN -- Cam Newton bugs the shit out of me.

HOU -- Eli Manning, retire already.

JAX -- Wouldn't mind seeing Shad Kahn win the SB, cuz moustache.

KC -- Sumpin brewing in Kool-Aid town?! Ahhhh shit!

LAC -- Rivers gonna gunsling his team to the upset... also, fuck McVay.

SEA -- But only if my Michael Dickson jersey gets here before game time.

ARI -- Arizona is pretty fuckin' bad alright, but so is the Bears QB... like, WOW! bad.

DET --  Patricia planted a secret camera in the Pats office before he left.

TB -- Did you know Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard?

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New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns - The BROWNS1 finally get a damn win!!!  The browns defense will make darnold look like the rookie he is. Browns 24   Jets 10

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons-falcons

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins-packers

Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles-philly

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings-vikes

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins-oakland

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens-ravens

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers- panthers

New York Giants @ Houston Texans-texans

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars-jags

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs- K.C.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams-rams

Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks-cowboys

Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals-bears

New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions-pats

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers-bucs

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Guess we have a new member here.  Welcome, drummer4god.


Having said all of that, all that remains is @bruddog to make his picks, and I think we're good.  With that said, I think it's time I make my picks.  Specifically for tomorrow night's game, as well as a few I think should be considered locks:


New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns:  Honestly a very tough pick to make.  Yes, on paper, the Browns probably should win this one, and if not for a bust kicker blowing it nearly every single time, the Browns probably would have been 2-0 rather than the somewhat unconvincing 0-1-1.  Whereas the Jets are rather convincingly there at 1-1--they convincingly won their first game, and then convincingly bungled in the second game.  I know I need to catch up big time with the rest of the big boys, so as far as the toss-up games go, I got to go opposite of some of the other guys.  And yet at the same time, I got to figure out where each team truly ranks as far as Power Rankings go.  We are heading into what I think is going to be the new changing of the guard as far as the NFL landscape goes real soon.  Similar to what we went through following the 1998 and 1999 seasons, we ultimately wound up in a wild and unpredictable 2000 campaign in which nothing made all that much sense outside the Titans dominated the regular season.  So why not?  I'll give the Browns the benefit of the doubt here.


New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons:  The general rule of thumb here when it comes to the perceived NFC South powerhouses is that the home team generally always wins, but if you can win your division matchups on the road as well, then you can consider yourself a playoff contender.  And yet the Saints have been extremely inconsistent following Bountygate.  Particularly on the defensive side of the ball.  One year, it looks like they could dominate for a few years, and then the next thing you know, they find themselves trying to compete in shootouts one week after another.  Honestly, I think the Falcons are just a lock against the Saints; I don't even remember the last time the Falcons lost at home to the Saints--if I had to guess, it was probably back in 2013 when the Falcons sucked.  So even though it should be a tough matchup to figure out, the Falcons, out of the three perceived powerhouses, simply look like the best team of that lot.


Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins:  Oddly enough, I know of a few people that are picking the Redskins to pull away with an upset against the Packers.  I generally do believe that if you pick the Redskin, you would be doing so at your own risk.  This team knows how to pull away with some gigantic upsets.  The reason I'm still picking the Packers is simple.  Not only have the Redskins since moved on from Kirk Cousins in favor of Alex Smith, but to further highlight the downgrade, nearly all of Redskins wide receivers leave a lot to be desired.  If an upset does occur, it's going to have to fall to Adrien Peterson's feet in order to pull it off.


Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles:  Carson Wentz is coming back, which is a huge plus for this team.  It really could go either way since Andrew Luck appears to be back and in full form; and he might actually have a team behind him for a change rather than just a ton of playmakers.  But in general, I'm going to have to go with the Eagles to rally around Wentz and win the game on a last second field goal.


Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings:  Admittedly, with Josh Allen at quarterback instead of Nathan Peterman, the Bills no longer look like the absolute worst team in the league.  Having said that, who else is it going to be but the Vikings?


Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins:  I think the reason I was a little hesitant here in picking the Dolphins is because the Raiders have to be hungry for a win by this point in time.  The reason I am still picking the Dolphins to win is because it's in Miami, and the Dolphins are similarly hungry as the Raiders.  The Raiders have it really tough to start this season, and while the Dolphins were expected to be awful this year, they have since exceeded all expectations.


Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens:  Honestly, it's not so much that I had a hard time making this pick.  It's that I didn't want to pick against my Denver Broncos.  But eventually, we are bound to hit the proverbial brick wall.  And the Ravens--in spite of their injuries, are probably one of the better teams in the league at this point.


Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers:  Honestly, this game is such a toss-up that I made this the final pick I'm going to make for the week.  Honestly, both teams really do match up well with one another.  But I need to bounce back against a pretty big deficit for early on this week, so I'm going to pick the Panthers.  If both of my upset picks stand this week, and everything else lines up, I could very well end up taking the lead after today.  Or at the very least, tied for the lead.


New York Giants @ Houston Texans:  Gee, is there an offensive line that's so much worse than the Seattle Seahawks?  How about the New York Giants?  They have all of these weapons and Saquan Barkley at RB, and the pocket's still constantly collapsing around Eli Manning.  And Eli Manning isn't exactly what you can call a scrambler like Wilson with a big arm.  Even though Deshaun Watson has been really disappointing to start the season, I do think this will be where the Texans get back on track.


Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars:  This one feels a little odd calling this as a lock for Week 3, especially since a year ago, the Jaguars couldn't beat the Titans to save their lives.  Even in what appeared to be a meaningless season finale when they decided to plug in their starters, they still couldn't beat a Titans team that had everything to play for.  With all of that said, the main reason the Jaguars are a lock--besides them looking they might be genuinely the best team in the AFC right now--is the fact that Blaine Gabbert is their QB.  I pretty much thought that last week, but I doubt the Jaguars are just going to fold over and lay an egg.


San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs:  Honestly, I do expect this game to be high scoring from both teams, as both teams have stellar quarterbacks leading the way, and yet not much of a defense to stop the other.  The Chiefs needed all 6 of its touchdowns and PAT's just to beat the Steelers last week.  The 49ers probably have a slightly better defense than the Chiefs do--given that even though they won 30-27 last year, most of the points they gave up came during garbage time.  But here, I have to go with the home team.  During the regular season, Arrowhead Stadium is not a great place to play in if you're not the Chiefs.


Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles Rams:  Honestly, in the battle of LA, I do think the Rams are overwhelmingly favored to win this game.  Yes, on a good day, Philip Rivers and his offensive playmakers could take on the Rams on equal footing all game long--which is why this isn't a Survival Pick for the week.  But the Rams are healthier on both sides of the ball, and they've been playing lights out in both weeks.  So I'm going to pick the Rams to continue to do it again.


Dallas Cowboys @ Seattle Seahawks:  I think the one thing that shocks me is how many people so far are picking the Cowboys to go into CenturyLink field and sending the Seahawks to 0-3.  As much as I'd love to see that happening, I highly doubt this.  The Seahawks had to deal with two stout solid defenses on the road the first two weeks, and kept it rather close both times.  The Bears definitely looked much more lethal than the Broncos did in both of their losses, but Russel Wilson and the Seahawks never gave up either time.  The Cowboys do not have that defensive power that the Broncos and Bears had those first two weeks, and while their offensive line is pretty good, it matters very little when your offense is one-dimensional.  And no, the Cowboys defense clobbering the Giants the way they did last week doesn't count.  Eli Manning is not as good a quarterback as Russel Wilson is--either now or at any point in time--and if there's any offensive line that might be comparatively worse than the Seahawks, it would have to be the Giants.  And at home for the first time this season, I'm going to have to take the Seahawks.  At least they were persevering through defeat, whereas the Giants just sort of accepted it.


Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinal:  In spite being a road team, I'm still picking the Chicago Bears as a lock over the Arizona Cardinals.  I have no idea what manYO720 is thinking by comparing how awful the Bears are compared to the Cardinals.  They are the absolute worst offense in the league, and they allowed both the Rams and the Redskins to outright trample them.  The Bears probably should have been 2-0 had they not choked it all away against a resurgent Aaron Rodgers.  The Cardinals, on the other hand, definitely deserved its 0-2 start and as of today, have done nothing to prove to me that they can be better than this.


New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions:  Again, similar to the Chicago Bears, I have no idea what is on manYO720's mind when he states that the Lions are going to win, but then again, I am not going to judge.  He can pick whoever he wants for all I care.  All I know is that the Lions' defense are atrocious, and Matthew Stafford is constantly running for his life because in spite the acquisition of LeGarrette Blount, he has no offensive line and little in the way of running game.  They did keep it close at the end against the 49ers, but that was all during garbage time when the 49ers were already up 30-13.  And unless Tom Brady falls off the proverbial cliff on Sunday Night, I do not think the Lions are going to enjoy hosting a team that is now in full-blown pissed off mode.  Patriots win this one.


Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Are people that universally unified against the Steelers?  Yes, there is definitely some locker room tension starting with Le'Veon Bell acting like a self centered jackass.  And yes, Ryan Fitzpatrick has been playing lights out to start the season--and against former playoff teams in the Saints and Eagles no less.  But through all intents and purposes, I still think the Steelers are going to win this game.  Keep in mind that even though Fitzpatrick torched the Saints' defense for 48 points in Week 1, they still gave up 41 points to Brees in their win.  And the Eagles took until the 4th quarter before they started to lock down on the Bucs which by this point in time, it was too little too late.  The Steelers are better than their record indicates, and they will bounce back.  The Bucs are one of two or three teams in the league that I consider to be fools gold at 2-0.  I'm going with the Steelers.


And I'm probably am going to wait until game-day before revealing my remaining picks.  Trust me when I say that none of the other picks are going to be all that easy to pick in the grand scheme of things, and I need to figure things out before I settle on them.  I'll edit them into this comment when I'm ready.


Edit:  And now I have made all of my picks for the week.  Still waiting on @bruddog, who has only made four or five picks for this week so far; and @Miles Prower, who has yet to make a decision between the Falcons and Saints (Falcons are hosting).  Not that I'm going to pester them since we all benefit from it, but I might as well give them the heads up just to be safe.

Edited by Mike Gordan

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Will do the rest later....

New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns     ...probably one of the few games they would be favored all season. 

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins

Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings... the line is a massive 16 pts. No one in their right mind would pick the bills straight up. 

Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins

Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals @ Carolina Panthers

New York Giants @ Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers @ Kansas City Chiefs ...love my niners but don't think they have the horses to stay in this one on the road. 

Chicago Bears @ Arizona Cardinals

New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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And here are the results for this week:


Gold:  Myself (10-6)

Silver:  gojiphen malor and Knobbe (9-7)

4th place:  BigCat71 and Miles Prower (8-8)

6th place:  Newcomer drummer4god (7-9)

7th place:  TecmoSuperFan and manYO720 (6-10)

Last Place:  bruddog (2-14)--for only picking four games and forgetting to pick the rest; he only got half of the picks he did make, however.


And as for Miles Prower making a late prediction, I'll let it slide this one time.  My computer rebooted and I lost all of my data last night.  So I'll let you off the hook this one time.  His record otherwise would have been 7-9.


And now for an update on the scoreboard so far:


@Mike Gordan:  26-22

@TecmoSuperFan:  23-25


@gojiphen malor:  26-22

@Knobbe:  29-19

@BigCat71:  25-23

@manYo720:  23-25)

@Miles Prower:  23-25

@drummer4god:  7-9 (since he's a newcomer, I'm pretty much am going to scrub the first two weeks instead of either giving him a massive handicap or rubber banding his record to our overall record).


I'll see you guys when I make the post for Week 4!  Just a little bit more to catch up to Knobbe, methinks.

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      Two rules!  You got until five games before the game starts to put a pick in.  Otherwise, it will be treated as a non pick.  In addition, every pick must be made in a single comment.  You can discuss things if you want.  But for the sake of keeping track of everybody's choices, all picks--even if you change your mind later on--must be located in the same comment.  Otherwise, it will be treated as a non pick.
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