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DMEN Tap Tecmo League. Sept 9 till Super bowl (maybe little after)

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Just posting this on the off chance someone in the Chicago area frequents the board.  Also if any of you in other cities wants to follow along and try it in the future.  Great way to increase the tecmo in your area.


Format: Every week starting NFL week 1 in the NFL we will play the man vs man games for that week.  All games will be in regular season mode.  For each game we will skip ahead to the game.  For now all we are saving is a picture of the blue game end screen and the final score.  


This way games do not have to be played if someone can't make.  Some of our players only havr a once a month availability.  Others might join as the season is going.  Only in January are we going to play the man vs man games and move on to the playoffs.


Teams are chosen inverse to skill.  I've claimed the colts already.  Going to the super bowl too.  We have 11 so far and looking to fill in some of the high end teams with new players.


Anyways I could see something like this in say Green Bay or another city with a lot of tecmo players with free time.  Keep in mind you don't have to do it every week.  Once a month or even every other month would work.


Lastly I also have figured out a way to manipulate challonge to keeping track of the league standings.  


Also, I don't think this is possible but if anyone knows how to rip the equivalent of an sta file off a cart.  Hmu.

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