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Here's how the NFC is shaping up... just a few teams left in the race for the playoffs:


1.  Philly has the 1 seed wrapped up and has for some time... lots of mediocrity after the Eagles

2.  The 2 seed has some intrigue behind it... either way Buffalo and Houston (some great games in history) are likely playing each other, barring a complete collapse by one or both, but with 5 losses each, Houston holds the tiebreaker via a head to head OT victory in week 9.  Buffalo has the easier schedule left, but both have loseable games, so it should come down to the wire.

3.  See above, unless a complete collapse happens.

4.  Dukesta has ran away with the 4 seed and would be leading any other division; however, as things are, he'll be hosting a playoff game for the first time since since at least 86 and maybe longer.  

5.  Washington is the driver's seat for the final playoff spot at the moment.  With tiebreakers over both GB and DAL, WAS just needs to win their final game vs NO, who hasn't won a game since Coach NOS resigned.  Either way Jr is a difficult coach to scheme against and it could end in an L.  If it does, GB, DAL and even OAK still have an opportunity to slip in there as the final seed.  With no head-to-heads amongst those three, it's tough to determine the tie breakers, but a DAL win against CHI coupled with a WAS loss vs NO would likely put DAL in the playoffs.

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Great write up Cubs!! 

Any takes for AFC playoff scene (w predictions ? )

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NFC Update!




2 / 3 seeds:  BILLS1 or OILERS1Oilers hold H2H Tie Breaker over the Bills if they finish with the same record.


If GB/HOU both finish 9-7, HOU wins on 4th(!) tiebreaker to win the division:

H2H 1-1

Divisional Games tied 4-2

Common Games tied 5-2

Conference Games

HOU 7-4 .636%

GB 6-4 .600%


Wildcard Scenarios:


PATRIOTS1 control their own destiny and can clinch the #4 seed with a win and clinch a wildcard berth with a GB loss (H2H tiebreaker over WAS)


WAS, DAL, GB, and NE could all potentially end up 9-7.  If this happens we apply the following:


Step 1:  Eliminate wildcards down to one for each division.  WAS & DAL are in the same division, GB & NE are not.

Starting with divisional records:  WAS (4-2) beats out DAL (3-3) therefore DAL is eliminated.


Step 2:  3 or more clubs tied for wild card positions first tiebreaker is H2H sweep if applicable.  None of these teams beat the other 2 nor lost to the other 2 so we move to the second tiebreaker of Conference record which ranks as follows:


WAS (7-4) .636%

GB (6-4) .600%

NE (5-5) .500%




Resulting in WAS taking the #4 spot and GB #5 leaving NE on the outside looking in.


To sum up:

PATRIOTS1 win 1 or GB loss and #4 seed is locked in.  Hold H2H tiebreaker over WAS for #4 seed if GB has any loss.  Lose 2 and could be on the outside looking in...

REDSKINS1 clinched playoff berth because of divisional tiebreaker over DAL and H2H tiebreakers over GB.  The only question is P1 or P2 (#4 or #5 seed)

PACKERS1 need to win out AND have NE lose their last 2 games and they are in as the #5 seed

COWBOYS1 when does the draft start?



Whew.  Let's hope the AFC is not as complicated!






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2 minutes ago, tadaos said:

@arncoemsee my separate post on the AFC

Perfect timing ! Deleted mine that we had to be writing uonat Same time.  Yours is much better - thanks!! 

Edited by arncoem

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NFC Update!













Wildcard Game:




Divisional Round:







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