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What foods are you smoking

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On the 4th I smoked a whole chicken and some short cut beef ribs which was a first for me (I'll take a picture at some point of what i mean by short cut beef ribs).  The ribs were a first for me and I didn't know where I would come out in terms of the quality (should I get them up over 200 or not?) and in terms of the ratio of fat to meat (they were super fatty).  They blackened up quite a bit but overall I think they needed to get up over 200 in order to be tender enough and to peel away the layer of fat easily. 


Otherwise I think that smoking a steak has some merit because trying that out last week with some oak I got almost a bacon flavor.  Depending on the cut you're looking at about 1-2 hours in the smoker so it's not overly demanding of your time.  I smoked the steak then finished it on the grill. I think you could sear it first and then smoke as well.

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