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Omaha, NE - 03/30/2019 - Tecmo Bowl 2019: 30 year anniversary

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The NES version of Tecmo Bowl turns 30 in 2019.  To celebrate we're hosting a tourney in Omaha, Nebraska march 30th.  $65 entry fee, and all funds go to player payouts.  1st place wins a trophy.  Looking at 16 player field, but will open to 20 or 24 if need be. 


  • 2 game opening round is used to provide seed lines for the tourney. 
  • Once tourney is seeded, it becomes double elimination.  


  • Prior to each game, a coin toss occurs.  The winner has 2 options. 
  • 1: They choose their team and player 2 controller.  Opponent then chooses their team and Player 1.
  • 2:  Coin toss winner chooses the 2 teams in the match-up.  The opposing player has choice of team & player 2 controller, or can defer the team pick, and choose Player 1 controller.


  • Observing standard tourney rules. 
  • No gaining yards when defense chooses same play. 
  • LB position used to try and block FG attempts.
  • Any position player can be used on extra points. 


  • Currently have 6 players registered, and 2 more on reserve/unpaid list. 
  • See TecmoBowlNES.com for all the details.     



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