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Bad Moon Rison

Garden City, NY - 08/11/18 - LI Retro Tecmo Tourney

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When: Saturday, August 11th, 2018- Registration starts @ 10:00 AM EST; Setup starts @ 11:00 AM; Play will start @ 12:00 PM EST.

Location: Cradle of Aviation Museum, Charles Lindbergh Blvd, Garden City, NY 11530

Desired Number of Participants: 32

Sign-Up: https://smash.gg/tournament/long-island-retro-gaming-expo-2018/details
Tournament is Free for first time tournament players; $20 cash buy-in in person for anyone who has participated in a Tecmo tournament before

Tourney Format: Format will likely be double elimination.  All rookie players will be randomly assigned another rookie player and all tournament veterans assigned a tournament vet for the first round as space permits. All winners of first round matchup will be randomly assigned another winner of a first round matchup (same for loser’s bracket). Each round will be randomly assigned until only one Champion remains!

Prizes: Cash prizes will be awarded to top three participants. All participants will be eligible to win a raffle prize just for entering.  Top first time player will receive one free future entry into any Northeast Tecmo Tournament!

Equipment: We need Nintendos, TVs, Controllers, Carts! If you are able to bring any of these in working condition, please let us know what you can bring and how many of each. If you are able to provide any television sets, please let us know the size and any kind of hookup (RF Switch/AV Cable).

How to Register: Register here:  https://smash.gg/tournament/long-island-retro-gaming-expo/register

Team Selection for Each Matchup: A coin will be flipped before each game. The coin-flip winner will choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams). The coin-flip loser then selects either (a) one of the two teams or (b) his preferred controller. If the coin-flip loser selects his preferred controller, the coin-flip winner selects a team first.

Note about Matchups: The coin-flip winner can only select a particular matchup once throughout the entire tournament. For instance, if Player A wins the toss and selects Rams-Broncos, Player A cannot call that exact matchup for the rest of the tournament. Player B, however, is free to select that matchup later in the tournament.


Equipment Failure: If equipment fails during the game, games will be replayed from the start unless it is halftime. After halftime, scores are taken from the half and another half is played. Scores from each half are added together to form final score. Ties are allowed in pool play.  If the game is tied in elimination play, then a new game is started with the first person to score being the winner.  Any malfunction caused by human error may result in an automatic forfeit due to the discretion of the tournament organizers.
Onside Kicks: Onside Kicks are okay anytime (aka, "at your own risk").
Lurching: Lurching is not allowed (dive tackling over the line of scrimmage with a DL). DL use is allowed, but you must either go outside the Offensive Tackle or grapple an OL to rush.
WR/TE at RB: Running the ball with a WR or TE from the RB position is prohibited.  WRs or TEs are allowed to run the ball on reverses.

Questions: Feel free to post questions about the tournament below or you can direct them to NYTecmo at tecmobowl.org 


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On 7/17/2018 at 7:09 PM, Bad Moon Rison said:

Going for the 3-peat? ?


NBA Jam doubles on Sunday. Wanna form a dream team?

I wish! I will only be there Saturday, though :( I still want to team up to do that at some point!

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Thanks to all who came out to the Long Island Retro Tournament!  This is the third year that we've had a tournament at the Expo and each year it keeps getting better!  The top finishers for the tournament are:


1) Brian R

2) Danny K

3) Matty D


Dan M and Scott S rounded out the top 5.  Fox B. was the best performing newcomer, so he'll get free admission to the Northeast Tecmo tournament of his choice.


Special thanks to George and Joel at LI Retro for working with us to deliver another great tourney!  There were some epic battles in this one and I can't wait to post recaps. This tournament obviously meant a lot to me personally, having won my second tournament this year after going 11 years without winning one.


Some places to check out photos/follow:




We shared space with the NHL 94 crew, which is as always a blast!  Tecmo players did great in the NHL 94 tournament.  Scott S finished runner-up, with Dan M in the final four, and Dennis and yours truly making the Elite 8.  Two sports video game careers a la Bo and Deion? We'll see!

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Whenever someone makes a championship run, there always are a few memorable plays along the way that really stick out. For me there were 4 for Brian:

4) Haddix jump pick in the end zone in Championship Game #2 - That was a game changer as he could have went down two scores I believe

3) Goal line stop at the 1 pixel line - SD defense stands tall, when Brian got the ball back on downs it was actually on the goal line

2) Strom to Calloway JJ - One of the best games of the tourney, Brian and Matt D were 0-0 going into OT in a DAL-PIT matchup. 57 yard bomb to win it.

1) Tolliver Scoop N' Score - Billy Joe picks up the fumble, runs diagonally across the field, seemingly in slow motion (slower than his 13 ms, maybe he was in bad), wins the tap battle and saunters into the end zone.


Great tournament and congrats to Brian on another 2018 win!

Edited by Deviled Greg

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Congrats to Brian who had to overcome the obstacle of having to beat me twice to win the championship and he came thru bigtime.


He made some huge momentum turning plays. Brian is definitely one of the best offensive executing players I’ve come across. Great running vision and tapping and great ability to make quick reads passing while attack the LOS with his QB.


Clutch goaline stand on the cunt hair line followed by a huge play to get out of the shadow of his own goal posts. He got a huge jump ball as time expired in the first half on shotgun pass 3 continuing on his momentum from the Chris Calloway hail mary beating Matty D in OT earlier. It was truly heart breaking when I was in the redzone in the 4th qtr and all I needed to do was keep it on the ground with Bobby Humphrey and probably win the game. But nope I got greedy and Haddix made Elway pay with the jump INT as he has done to so many QBs. But to Brians credit he marched 80 yds for the go ahead score leaving me with only a hail mary attempt from Kubiak that fell short smh. Always next year. Congrats again Brian

and good job by all!


Danny K.

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Thanks Danny! Congrats to you as well on your run.  As Greg noted, there's always a few moments that turn the tide of a game and sometimes a tournament.  The defensive stand in that game was big as was the fortuitous BJ Tolliver 30-yard fumble scoop to take the lead in the 2nd quarter.  Your offense was firing on all cylinders the first half of the Denver-Tampa final and I almost started beating myself up for taking Tampa.  I'm more comfortable with Denver, but think I remembered you like Tampa so I went with them.  Earlier in the game, you had a TD pass over the middle and I had muttered something under my breath that Haddix didn't jump. I am grateful he did that second time.  If I was going to win that game, Haddix needed to be a factor and he ultimately was.


And thanks to you, cunt hair line is now part of my Tecmo vocabulary. ? 


Matty D beat me earlier in the day to send me to the loser's bracket. Our 0-0 regulation rematch in the loser's bracket was one of the craziest games of Tecmo I've played.  I always enjoy our contests, but that was epic.  Until we meet again!

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