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Darth RockMan

TTL31 Playoffs

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TTL31 playoff bracket has been posted and games can begin!  https://challonge.com/TTL31  Schedule your game with your opponent soon.


Called matchups now reset.  However, you can only call a matchup once in the playoffs.   You still begin the kickoff to determine who the coin toss winner is.  You can call the matchup or defer.   Whoever calls the matchup is P1.   


The game must be streamed on Twitch and announced ahead of time if at all possible.   If you can not stream you MUST record the game and we will have one of the streamers replay the game.   (WarMachine or Prime)


The winner should send the commish or acting commish a PM with the following information listed below.  I say acting commish because I will be out a vacation and not reachable from June 16th to June 24th.  WarMachine will be filling in and will have all commish rights to update the bracket and make and decisions needed.  He will do a better job than me so enjoy it while it lasts!   


1) Matchup

2) Who called the matchup

3) Score

4) NSV file


Do not post recaps in the discord room or give away the winner until the game has been streamed.  


Good luck gents!  

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As posted on discord:


Darth has given me temporary commish duties while he is traveling for vacation this next week. He has signed off on any decision i see fit in running these playoffs. Here are a couple things i wanted to say about the playoffs:


1) DEADLINES! Darth released the challonge bracket on Tuesday and only 1 game has been played so far! On this upcoming Tuesday, if not all round 1 games are played then i will set a very SHORT deadline for the remaining games.


2) If deadlines arent met then i will have to forfeit the game. Please keep me posted on status of game or if youre making an effort and the person just isnt responding.


3) All playoff games will be streamed so if you dont stream yourself, please send nsv to me or Prime and we will stream it.


4) The last thing i want to do is forfeit you. We all have lives, families and responsibilities but please be courteous to your opponent and the league by making an effort to get your games in. THANK YOU

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