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HSTL S46 Draft Format Ideas

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If everybody does this the way it should be done, I think it could be a pretty interesting idea.  You don't draft your own team, but instead are given a "rival's" team to draft.  So what it comes down to is you trying to draft the worst team possible for them to use.  Instead of QB Eagles going first, you'd have the CHI QBs, or the TB Oline, or whoever, you get the drift.  If you're "rival" is a good runner, draft them the worst RBs.  If your rival loves to back and B, get them the slowest WRs.  It's a crazy idea, but i think it would help improve everyone's game and would make for some great conversations.  And it's a great way to piss people off while playing within the rules  ;-)


Edit:  oh, and we could still use any draft format, so we could go with TecmoBo's, or any other that we've done before.  

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That is a very interesting idea Randy. The difficulty would be making sure each of the "best" drafters are paired with a good owner (so they can draft them a bad team), and vice versa. Somebody that sucks at drafting could accidentally draft one of the best teams in that format, so they shouldn't be paired with a good player.

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