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Realignemt Draft - post your picks here

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Discdolo pick 1.1: Eifer (Sea Seahawks)

Jesus pick 1.2: Bigfatpaulie (Cle Browns)

Arncoem pick 1.3: Madtown (Cin Bengals)

Stalltalk pick 1.4: Barletti (Min Vikings)

NOS pick 1.5: Speedracer (TB Bucs)

turBO pick 1.6: Drake (Phx Cardinals)


Discdolo pick 2.1: timbone (NY Jets)

Jesus pick 2.2: Cubsfan (Wash Redskins)

Arncoem pick 2.3 DT (PIT Steelers)

Stalltalk pick 2.4: Purplehaze (Hou Oilers)

NOS pick 2.5: Rico (Rams)

turBO pick 2.6: Rmm (Raiders)


Discdolo pick 3.1: toolie (Dolphins)

Jesus pick 3.2: tadaos (Bills)

Arncoem pick 3.3 prime (Falcons)

Stalltalk pick 3.4: ryan11 (Bears)

NOS pick 3.5: tecmobo (Chiefs)

turBO pick 3.6: dukesta (Patriots)



AFC East: NO Saints, Bucs, Rams, Chiefs

AFC Central: Giants, Seahawks, Jets, Dolphins

AFC West: 49ers, Bengals, Steelers, Falcons


NFC East: Cowboys, Browns, Redskins, Bills

NFC Central: Packers, Vikings, Oilers, Bears

NFC West: Eagles, Cardinals, Raiders, Patriots

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