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1990 MVPs (VOTE)


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  1. 1. OFFENSE

    • SF QB Dan Marino: 3,007 yards - 40tds - 9ints (159 Tecmo Rating & lead team to best record in league 14-2)
    • MIA QB Don Majkowski: 2,580 yards - 33tds - 3ints (176 Tecmo Rating & lead team to record of 12-4)
    • NYG RB Emmitt Smith: Rookie - 2,182 yards on 177 carries (12.3 yards per carry)
    • OAK WR Mike Quick: 52 receptions - 1,990 yards - 21tds
  2. 2. DEFENSE

    • HOU DL Chris Doleman: 9 sacks - (DL usually overlooked but he was dominant this season)
    • NYJ LB Lawrence Taylor: 4 sacks & 9 ints (this has been the norm stats for LT each season - dominance)
    • SF DB Lonnie Young: 15 sacks (led league in INTs for 2nd straight season, led #2 ranked D in league)

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Lonnie Young 15 interceptions (not 15 sacks) 

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Posted (edited)

Looks like MArino was able to win over  majkowski for offense in a very close race that looked like Majk had locked up out the gate as he was up 5-1 votes but Marino supporters showed up a few days into the voting.  


On Defense Lawrence Taylor’s all around dominance has yielded him another MVP as the 9 interceptions coming from 50int were enough to beat out Lonnie Young’s 15 interceptions. Young was the league leader last season w 11 ints (56int) but lost to Dallas’s 75int Eric Wright as he had 10 ints w 4 Sacks.  

This season Lonnie Young went above his leading 11 last season and lead w/ 15 ints while at 63int. 

Think Lawrence Taylor might have the the D MVP award renamed once he retires as the LT award in honor! 


Being LT aged after this season this probably will be the end of LT’s D MVPs run BUT if any player can bounce back & win another MVP after aging that would show LT is not just “any player. ! Congrats Timbone & Lawrence Taylor! 


congrats Dan Marino & Lawrence Taylor ! 

This is Marino’s 2nd league MVP & LT’s 5th! 



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