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    • By SammieSmith33
      To All:
      Date: August 8 (Saturday)
      Location: Savage, MN
      Time: 11:00 am
      Rules: Variety of Rules (Will release closer to tournament) for round robin. Playoffs will be standard Tundra Bowl Rules.
      Prizes: A Championship Belt for sure and depending on amount of people I will come up with some clever ideas and cash payouts.
      More Info to Come:
      I know this a total shot in the dark but I will plan to have Millard's Mayhem 5: Dances With Wolfley on August 8 in my garage.  I was thinking at least Minnesota people and my brothers will attend but if anyone else would be willing I would be more than happy to welcome you with "Open Arms."  I don't know about the bar situation so I would have a garage session.  It's a huge garage and is very clean @segathonsov ,  @Nostradamus, @8-bit can verify.  I will spread out the Nintendo's and also have a bbq and beer.  We will have plenty of wipes and we can have BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) or I can issue a disinfected one for you to use.  I wanted to throw it out there just to see if there was interest. Right now we are limited to outdoor settings of 10, but if things change I would be open to having it.  
      Signed Up So Far:
      Kris: SammieSmith33
      Scib: @Nostradamus
      Tony: Lakitu
      George: People's Champ
      Jock: J-Money
      Nick: @segathonsov
      Tom: @8-bit
      J Kramer: @kramz8477
      Josh: @HughMillenation
      Rob: FasterThanASpeedingBeebe 
      Brookins: The Allen Iverson of Tecmo "Practice?"
      Stuht: MoneyEarninVernon
      Jay: Boots
      Nick: The Neighbor
      James: WinReaper
      Rahim: Riggity
      Nate: @RetroNathan
      Jon: @QB Browns (possibly)
    • By SammieSmith33
      Hello Tecmo Super Bowl Fans: Millards Mayhem IV is back with its final sequel to Teen Wolf.  Ron Wolfely has been a great guy for us at Millard's Mayhem so why not finish of the the Teen Wolf theme.
      Millard's Mayhem IV: Teen Wolfley II
      Location: Tin Shed Tavern & Pizza, Savage, MN 55378
      Address: 12250 Zinran Ave
      Phone Number: 952-736-24444
      Time: 11:00 start time
      Cost: $30.00 All my money goes towards the prize pool along with first place winning a WWE Championship Belt. You will also receive a raffle ticket for prizes for the tourney. You can pay at door or paypal me at [email protected]  Either way is great.
      Prizes: Lots of great prizes will be given out with the raffle ticket you receive for the purchase into the tourney
      Rules: Tecmo Madison aka Tundra National Championship Rules
      Sign Up: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf3XCixXf72_G3nNNyW0jlIOWoWw7MQmemAtTQf3r-FcX7IhQ/viewform
      Format: Depending on amount of players we have pool play with groups of 4 to 5, then bracket play after with double elimination for the final 16.
      Streaming: I am going to try and get a stream set up this year.  I am working on it. I will give out further details as we get closer to the date.
      People Signed Up So Far:
      Kris (Sammie Smith33)
      George (People's Champ)
      Jock (J-Money)
      Tony (Lakitu)
      Scib (Nostradamus)
      Nate (Retro-Nate)
      Nick (Segathon)
      Levi (Nelson79)
      Rico (Rico33)
      Tom (8-Bit)
      Jon (QB Browns)
      Hank (Hank The Tank)
      Eric (VikingMoe)
      Travis (TravG23)
      Justin (Fartbreath)
      Josh (HughMillenation)
      Scotty (ToHotty)
      J Kramer (RypienU.A.New1)
      Adam (Nilvah)
      Jeff (Jebigred)
      Matt (CasualT)
      Kramer (K-Dog)
      Dom (KingSlayer)
      James (WinReaper)
      Jason (Jashags88)
      Pete (SimpleSimon)
      Ben (ElGuapo)
      Johnathan (MadTownSpliffStars)
      Kian (Miles”Tails”Prower)
      Joey (Gats)
      Craig (TheRinger)
      Corey (Noonan)
      Kyle (TheGamer)
      Troy (PrimeTime)
      Possiblities: (People I have talked to)
      Mike (Bo&Barry)
      Nick (TheNeighbor)
    • By Mike Gordan
      The Unlucky 13 as the title implies are the 13 teams that to this day have yet to win a Super Bowl--four of which have never even played in the Super Bowl.  As a reference, here are the Unlucky 13:
      Arizona Cardinals
      Atlanta Falcons
      Buffalo Bills
      Carolina Panthers
      Cincinnati Bengals
      Cleveland Browns
      Detroit Lions
      Houston Texans
      Jacksonville Jaguars
      Los Angeles Chargers
      Minnesota Vikings
      Philadelphia Eagles
      Tennessee Titans
      And of these 13 teams with the most unfortunate of fates, which of them will be the first to hoist the Lombardi Trophy?  Me, personally?  I'm gonna be bold on this one and select....
      The Tennessee Titans
      2016 saw the Titans make some incredible strides, having defeated the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and Kansas City Chiefs--all playoff teams--as well as toppling the defending Super Bowl champion Broncos.  I think should the Patriots go south within a year or two, either the Titans or the Raiders will step up and reach the Super Bowl.  Some would also include the Steelers too--who may be looking at their last shot at cementing a Super Bowl dynasty of their very own (only the Giants also have a realistic shot at a Super Bowl dynasty) before Big Ben retires.  So perhaps give the Titans a year or two--or maybe they'll just have a Cinderella story for the ages this year--and maybe we'll see them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at last.
      The Houston Texans are pretty close as well, though I think their championship window is shrinking.  If they can't get any consistent quarterback play, and they don't get it done this year, they might not be able to get it done at all.
      As for the NFC, I'm struggling to figure out who out of that pool could possibly win their first Lombardi Trophy either this year or in the near future because the NFC doesn't have a consistent champion, especially not among them.  Maybe the Panthers?  Some would say the Falcons as well, but given the way that they lost the Super Bowl last time, I'm gonna say they wind up missing the playoffs instead.  Maybe the Eagles, but I'm seeing a more Peyton Manning-type QB in Carson Wentz rather than a Big Ben or Tom Brady-type of career.  At least he has a stellar defense behind him.  But I have to theorize that for as long as the Eagle fanbase continues to be so unabashedly unhinged, the Eagles will continue to suffer. 
      And the Arizona Cardinals, I'm gonna predict, will have their very last shot at Super Bowl glory this year.  If they don't get it done, both Carson Palmer and/or Larry Fitzgerald will retire, and the Cardinals will enter the bargain basement for quite a long time.
      So what do you guys think?  Or is there an optimistic Cleveland Browns fan that have high hopes that a Super Bowl dynasty might be on the horizon?  No mocking.  But please explain why and discuss in a civil manner.
    • By SammieSmith33
      Alright everyone it is official.  Minnesota is back in the Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney mix.  Please read the flyer below.  First prize will be a minimum of 300.00 dollars no matter how many people come and their paid entry into the Tecmo Madison tourney next year. I hoping for 32 to 64 combatants.  Please read the flyer below.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me. Kris (SammieSmith33) ([email protected]).  Instead of a t-shirt you will get a special gift instead when you sign-up.
      Millard's Mayhem 2
      When: Aug.12 
      Time: 11-7
      Location: Doubletree Bloomington MN
                      (952) 835-7800
      Hosted by: 2d Con
      Register at: 2dcon.net under additional info in registraton put Tecmo Super Bowl Tourney
      Email me ([email protected]) so I can get a count and if you can supply a Nintendo and game.  We have tv's covered
      Cost: $30
      Minimum Cash Prize: $300 
      Free Raffle Ticket with Entry and Player Performance Prizes
      Tecmo Madison Rules: tecmomadison.com
      4 player Round Robin with top 2 coming out of each group.  
      Elimination Bracket after that.
      Double Elimination for top 8 also twitch will be providing streaming for those games.

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