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2017-18 NBA Season Discussion

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Thought there was a thread, already.


Anyone care to discuss?



Don't sleep on the Wolves.


That's all I got to say.



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The upcoming season will be a joke, the Warriors are a super-team and no one else will stop them (again).  Adding Cousins to an already loaded roster was crazy.

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Cousins may not do much. Coming back from an Achilles is no easy task. But they were the faves without him anyways. This year was a joke. Unless Durant or Curry have a major injury no one is gonna beat them.





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    • By TheFes75
      Since there is a lull between the end of Football and the start of Baseball. Basketball is the sport of choice for most folks right now, so I thought I would ask who your NBA All time top 5 at each position are:
      Here's Mine:
      PG: 1. Magic Johnson 2. Oscar Robertson 3. Isiah Thomas 4. John Stockton 5. Jason Kidd
      SG: 1. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant 3. Jerry West 4. Reggie Miller 5. Clyde Drexler
      C: 1. Wilt Chamberlain 2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 3. Shaquille O'neal 4. Hakeem Olajuwon 5. Bill Russell
      PF: 1. Karl Malone 2. Tim Duncan 3. Larry Bird 4. Charles Barkley 5. Bob Petit
      SF: 1. Labron James 2. Elgin Baylor 3. Rick Berry 4. Julius Erving 5. Scottie Pippen
      Honorable Mention: PG: Steve Nash SG: Bernard King C: Moses Malone PF: Kevin McHale SF: Dominique Wilkins
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      NES Tecmo Basketball 2K15
       Sorry so late with joining the Navy and everything but finally got around to it enjoy

      version 1 is normal rosters n teams I speeded up the game a lil but other then that should be as smooth as before
      Version 2 is I add in the missing teams Raptors are the 76ers, The grizzlies are magic and the Pelicans are the Hornets 4 the Fans of them team wouldn't be left out like last time
      version 1 season is just a roster with me and my friends created players on them
      Let me know what you think with feedback and any corrections    
      nes NBA 2k15 ver1 .nes
      nes NBA 2k15 ver2 .nes
      nes NBA 2k15 ver1 season .nes
    • By TheFes75
      Has anyone ever tried to edit this ROM for the Sega Genesis.  Even though it didn't keep stats I always liked this version of the game. 


      I assume the players have attributes that can be altered since some players hit 3 Pointers better than others and there are 3 different speeds players run at. The game compared to today's games played a little slow but I'm sure that could be altered.


      Also each player has a different skill set.  Some players have certain dunks or some only lay the ball up.  The better players like Magic, Chambers, Drexler, D. Robinson, Bird, Isaiah, Jordan and Barkley had signature moves that I assume can be assigned using code in the ROM.  Magic and Jordan would go into a dunk or layup animation from almost anywhere near the basket.


      Anyway just wondering if anyone had ever tried to edit this ROM and make a new game.

    • By young_carmello724
      Here we go again sorry for be so late UGH I been had this made but here you enjoy!!!! let me know what you think and let me know if u find anything misspelled or player stats wrong so like, share, and have fun. #throwback

      nes NBA 2k14.nes
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      Sup guys.

      Question, how does someone edit a teams uni colors/logo colors in Tecmo NBA for NES? Im trying to make the street team my friends and I are on. Basically where are they in the hex? I know the locations in TSB lol.
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