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Coming down to the wire (AFC)

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Things are a bit more complicated in the AFC as we have 9 teams still vying for the five playoff spots.  Again, there are teams that have most of their games in while a few teams are lagging.  That being said, here we go.




- The East is the best race in the league so far with NO, MIA and DAL still alive for the division title.  NO has had a phenomenal season (9-2, 114 pt diff) with one of the worst rosters in the league, but they have MIA on the tails with two head to head match-ups left.  I expect MIA to take both of those games, which will be the last two games that NO lose, finishing 12-4, while MIA finishes the season 5-1 and takes the division at 13-3.  DAL will win two of their last three and finish up at a disappointing 9-7, while competing for the final playoff spot.



- GIA  are in commanding position over in the Central and I expect them to wrap up the division with a couple more wins (BUF and SEA) while splitting the last two and finishing at 12-4.  ATL is still competing for a WC spot, but suffered a tough loss to WAS in week 15, which might play a major part in the WC selections.  Their week 16 game vs GIA will depend on what NY has to play for, otherwise, ATL might finish up 9-7 and possibly miss the playoffs for third consecutive season.  The Jets are the real mystery here.  Sitting at 7-5 through 12 games they have 3 games that they should win and a toss up vs HOU, which should land them at 10-6 at worst and a very good chance for a playoff spot for the first time in team history.  HOU has one hell of a schedule remaining, and will finish 8-8 at best, leaving the defending champs out of a chance to defend their title.



- AFC West roughly translates to mediocrity.  The Chiefs have been a disappointment to say the least, and are going to have a difficult time clinching the division with DAL, PHI and PIT left on their schedule.  At 7-6, I expect them to finish 9-7 as they concentrate on controlling the clock with a healthy Bo.  PIT has a chance to steal the division away from KC as they have a favorable schedule remaining, as CHI, NE and the KC finale will all be tough, but winnable games.  I don't see PIT winning out, and they'll finish up 8-8, just missing the playoffs.



- There are a lot of possibilities here, but barring a complete collapse or major injury, I just can't see JETS not grabbing one of the final playoff spots.  After that, it's a real toss up with HOU, DAL, ATL and PIT all alive.  Being that DAL holds the tie breaker over ATL, I see them traveling to NY in the cold to begin the AFC playoffs.  





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