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Phoenix, AZ - 8/11/2018 - Tecmo Phoenix

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Tonight, the Retro World Series is proud to announce the launch of Tecmo Tour. We are going to bring Tecmo Super Bowl across the country.






Two-Stage Tournament. Players will be divided into groups of four-player round robin groups. Top 2 from each group will advance to a single- or double-elimination bracket depending on tournament size.


Choosing Sides

  • Players will flip coin to determine matchup and team selection.
    • Coin flip winner gets first choice of matchup and coin flip loser gets first choice of team OR
    • Coin flip winner can defer matchup choice to coin flip loser and then get first choice of team (e.g. if coin flip winner chooses defers, coin flip loser chooses matchup, and coin flip winner choose team first).
  • There is no limit to the number of times you can pick a specific matchup.


Gameplay Rules

  • Customizing Playbooks and Lineup Changes
    • Customizing playbooks is permissible.



  • A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football.



  • Lurching is banned.



  • No game can end in a tie. If a game is tied when regulation concludes, competitors will proceed to OT. If no one scores in the first OT, a new game will begin, and the first competitor to score will be declared the winner. Players must use the same teams from the previous game in the new game. The kicking team in the first game’s OT must be the receiving team in the new game.


Stats & Scores

  • Scorecard
    • Players will be provided a scorecard before each match. The winner is responsible for recording the scores and stats on the scorecard and returning it to the scorekeeper and/or TO.
  • Penalty
    • If the winner does not hand in a completed and accurate scorecard, that player’s next opponent gets first choice of matchup AND team.
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This is Tecmo PHX.......???????  You might wanna use the key word "Johnny Johnson" somewhere in your Tournament ad.  It might attract more interest.





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We now have an official time and online registration is now open.


August 11, 2018 10:00 am – Tecmo Super Bowl (NES) - $20 entry fee

  • Online entries close Friday, August 10th
  • Cash only entries allowed Saturday morning and close at 9:30 am.

Register online at http://retroworldseries.com/2018-19-season/2018-game-on-expo/



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On 8/4/2018 at 5:57 PM, hankthetank said:

I hear 8-Bit is going


The rumors are true. I will be flying down to PHX for some tecmo action and a Sonora hot dog.


Also, if I can find a donkey kong arcade cabinet I might go through a fist full of quarters to save the princess


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On 8/8/2018 at 7:56 PM, SammieSmith33 said:

Get Ron Wolfley!! Coolest Tecmo player to date along with David Fulcher

Tell Ron to come on out. I'll buy him a beer 👍😁

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