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Atlanta, GA - 6/8/2018 - Tecmo Atlanta

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14 hours ago, bruddog said:

Right off the bat your playbook has a problem because of the race defect you know exactly when run 2 is coming. Should have put wolfley in. 


1. Your first pick you threw way too soon with so many guys open and the qb slightly underthrew it to the rb amd got picked. There was no need to rush it there with everyone open


2. Second pick you threw to the rb and deion was way too close for you to do that and he got back and picked it. 


3. Went for it on 4th and 15. Not too likely of a conversion from their where a fg might have helped. 


4. What happened on the final play of half. Looked like a botched arrow trick as you threw short. 


5. I only counted one fumble which definitely came at a bad time. 


6. The scott case int was unlikely but it also came with only 30 sec left in the game so your chances of winning would be small needing an onsides if your wr had caught that. 


Homer had some int worthy throws but most were throws to rison which is less likely then throwing to rbs and low rec wrs bs deion. 


I only counted one fumble. The last two ints were desperation and you really cant expect a lot out of phx passing game. 


You had some bad luck but also some int luck that could have been avoided. 

First INT was a mistap or non registered controller press. Was not an intentional throw


2nd INT to the RB was a non registered/mistap (call it what you want) press as well. Pass was not meant for the RB. 


Not trying an FG with 4th and 15 was a risk take since I am horrible at FGs on console and CRT due to online slight lag factor and didn't feel comfortable trying to kick it.


Botched arrow trick is perfect on play before half.


Fumble, although it was 1 (thanks for the correction) but felt like 5 when it happened, came with RB in good and killed a good drive.


Scott Case INT just proved it wasn't meant to be and summed up the game entirely. It just threw salt in the wounds.


Be it as it may, the luck was one sided and having to defend 4, 5 or 6 turnovers was a huge factor in the game. The percentages are what they are. The chips fell the other way, unfairly in my eyes but we all have our opinions.

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