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Starting lineup resets

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TSB3/SNES - Original version of the game.


Maybe I've just missed it when looking through all the thread titles.....

Mildly annoying "problem".


Starters get reset during season play:

1 - reset between each week

2 - reset after injured player recovers.


Has anyone corrected the roster resets?  I make a player in the SuperStar Editor.  Put him in the roster where I want him (in a starting slot).


Computer decides he's not good enough to be a starter and benches him automatically in favor of another player (who then becomes the default starter) on the roster because of performance ratings.  I have to go in and set the created player back into a starting position after:

1) the beginning of the game when playing MAN or COA.

2) every week when I use either COM or SKP.


Having the computer go behind me and change things because it believes a better player is available is irritating.  Not to mention SSE players don't develop if they don't get playing time.


Just wondering if this has already been addressed and I just didn't find it?


Thanks guys!


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The computer controlled teams will make adjustments to their teams during games all the time... and almost always, rosters will reset to base formation during season mode after an injured player returns. (though not always)

There is no fix to this.

If your goal is to make created players and level them up, the best way to do this is to just sim an entire season, then update the player, then sim another one.

If a player doesn't get any point upgrades during an entire season, it means the player is stat locked and you need to delete him and make a new one. This happens pretty regularly.

If this doesn't cover everything you wanted to know, let me know or message me.

Also, if you join the TSB3 facebook group, I can cover your questions there as well as I'm on facebook far more frequently.

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