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Idea for New Tecmo Game

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I just read an article about Tecmo Madison and their concerns about keeping the tournamnet going with younger generations.  

I have a question. Why couldnt Playstaion, XBox, and my favorite, the Nintendo Switch come out with a new game. This game would have fake rosters, player names, and no likeness to NFL.  The good thing to add would be a player and team creation where you could edit players, rosters, team names and colors. Then make all that downloadable so that you could use what other people have created. Also make it where you could have private o line leagues.  

I think that would sale very well on the Switch especially if it could bear the Tecmo Superbow or at least Tecmo Football name.

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In the last generation console cycle, there was a game released called Tecmo Bowl Throwback, which essentially ran the SNES version of Tecmo Super Bowl, redid the player and team colors, renamed the players, and retained the original stats.  It did give you the ability to edit player names, and the game was rendered in 3D, although you could switch to the 2D sprites with the press of a button.

I was never able to find an opponent online after purchasing it, and frankly, the snes engine wasn't the best version of the game.


IMO the further and further away they get from the NES version of the game, the further they get away from the best football game ever made.


I don't know where the exclusive NFL license factor comes into play in all of this, but Tecmo Super Bowl would have to be overhauled to be playable online through an official source   For Tecmo Bowl they simply had the player names stripped, as the teams were just cities with unofficial team logos.  Team selection on TSB includes official logos, and even the name Super Bowl is trademarked.   I don't know where things are at as far as virtual console games being made to be online capable.


The next fun in all of this is the lack of available opponents, and the typical trolling disconnecting players you'd get in modern sports games like Madden.  To play online today, you have to team your beatings like a champ, otherwise people won't want to play you again.  The list of players isn't enormous today, but they at least all congregate in the same space.


If you want to play online, utilize the TSB Discord, get your emulator and router dialed in, and enjoy life.

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