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Brian St'Denis

Sim Attributes? Can someone explain?!

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Can someone explain Sim Attributes to me? Are these the only ones that matter if I'm doing COM vs COM?


When editing a QB; what does Sim Run, Sim Pass, Sim Pocket actually mean? For RBs it's Sim Rush, Sim Catch, Sim Punt Ret, Sim Kick Ret, what do these mean?


Lastly, what numbers are considered good? Great? Bad?

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17 minutes ago, Brian St'Denis said:

What is SKP vs SKP?! So does the attributes only affect COM vs COM?


It's when the games are just simulated. Not COM vs. COM.

Like for example, if you didn't assign a team to MAN control during the season, game start, and auto-skipped to the playoffs ;)

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