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So I have this XFL ROM that I have edited players' names, jersey numbers, jersey colors, and attributes, etc. and I'm at what I think is the last edit for this ROM. I want to edit the end zones and the midfield logo (I want it to be the XFL logo with red letters, right now they're white). I want the end zones to have the same XFL logo as the midfield. And have any HACKS that are already included in the TSB Tool Supreme to help the defense or offense (but in the games I have played, offense doesn't need help, defense does. Too many times WR are left WIDE OPEN). I do a lot of COM vs COM and I want the games to be as realistic as possible. So if you can throw any mods in there that will help me achieve that, I appreciate it.


Instead of me trying to figure all this out, because I did look and it seems above my pay grade, I want to just Venmo someone to do it for me.


Can something like that be done? I'm just trying to get this XFL ROM as complete as possible. I wish there was a way to change the ball color, but hey, it can't be perfect.



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Editing the end zone and midfield logo isn't terribly difficult, but it is quite time consuming.  Someone who has never done it will take a lot of trial and error to make sure the new tiles are laid properly, and it can be a pain.  You might be able to get the XFL logo in red since the original NFL logo has red in the letters, but IIRC, you can get red only to appear in the same tiles that the NFL logo had them.  I may be wrong, it's been years since I messed with that.  You should also be able to get them in the end zone because you'd just have to redraw the big TECMO letters that are there now.


I'm pretty sure your com v com coverage issues have been addressed by other hacks, but I think the game plays rather well without the receivers being covered all the time in that the final score is usually pretty reasonable.  Check out this thread and find the hacks you want to apply.  Some of the threads linked from that page have the hack buried within the discussion so you'll have to read through the posts.


I'd help you out, but I'm trying to nail down the last few issues on my own rom I quit working on two years ago.  Plus, you're looking at many hours of work.  I'm surprised no one has done an XFL rom with the graphics fixes you want that you could use as a base for your other changes.  Upload what you've got and maybe some kind soul will take you up on your offer.

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