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Quickness Pass Incompletions Hack Issues

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I have been testing this a bit and I have noticed an extraordinary amount of CC's with this hack in addition to it freezing randomly.  Aside from that, when it is not freezing I tested the hack by using QB Eagles and throwing to Barnett into coverage against Louis Oliver and J.B. Brown.  All were in average condition and I only made a change to Oliver's PI (moved it up to 63 from 56).


QB Eagles

PS: 63 PC: 69 ACC: 63


REC: 56


PI: 63 QU: 56


PI: 44 QU: 50


5 passes thrown to Barnett on a flat route (R and S Flare C):

1. Single coverage w/ Brown: diving catch in coverage

2. Single coverage w/ Oliver: CC catch

3. Single coverage w/ Brown, Brown dove to deflect: CC catch

4. Double coverage, back of the of the endzone: incomplete

5. Picked play, single coverage with brown, back of the endzone: CC catch


Is this how this is supposed to work?  I could obviously be missing something here.


I have put in the PA/PC hack as well, maybe that is throwing off something?


I removed the hack and it is no longer glitching and I am now throwing far more incomplete passes while Barnett is in coverage.

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If it's glitching, it's possible you have another hack in the same area and now the code is messed up.  It may also be that using the PA/PC switch hack along with this is causing issues, but I don't think that's as likely.  All this hack was meant to do was give a use to the quickness attribute.  The PA/PC switch just uses the PA attribute number for determining completions and interceptions instead of PC.


If you record a movie with your emulator, you'll see that the game can get out of sync when you play if back after messing with relevant player's attributes, so the hack must do something.

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I had no other hack in those open slots nor anything in the other part, all original code.  Not sure what's wrong then.  I have many other hacks in place, and it's working fine; no high frequency of CC's or glitching.  Not sure what I'm missing.  I'll continue to look, appreciate the help.

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ok.  Still getting a glitch, must have something else I screwed up somewhere.



The last hacks I put in before the quickness were the overthrow bug fix and the pc/pa hack.  Let my investigation begin.


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ok, I think I got it.  For the overthrow bug fix, I didn't have room for bruddog's code at location 0x2C000 since the quickness hack takes up that space.  So I moved it to 0x2BF70 and switched the code a bit per his instructions.


Bruddog's original overthrow bug fix:


SET( 0x29DBC, 0x4CF0BF )

SET( 0x2C000, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D )


My changes (in bold) in order to move it to a different position:


SET( 0x29DBC, 0x4C60B0 )

SET( 0x2BF70, 0x20319E203D9E4CAF9D )


Are my new values off?

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You'll want to have the second part 2b070, or you can change the first part to 4c60bf.


The reason the original hack location seems "off" is because the first byte after the 4c is f0.  If you add x10 to that, its like going from 90 to 100.  Since in hex you get only two digits, you have to carry the third digit into the rest of the address.  Thats why the bf becomes c0.


If you've ever messed with the large helmet graphics that should make sense, or if you understand that you should easily be able to edit them if you so desire.

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