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Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

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13 Days until CFT 2.


Today, we start with ...


13 Vlasic.jpg


Vlasic played in season 1 for @Tick's BENGALS1 , but he had a rough go of it when he saw the field. In the regular season Vlasic was 0-3, and then in the Bengals playoff game vs the Raiders, Vlasic was 1-9 with 4 picks... rough...


13 Jay Schroeder.jpg13 Chris Jacke.jpg

Jay Schroeder (ShRAIDER) I remember from failing Joe Gibbs which led to Doug Williams having a performance for the ages. Then he went to LA... and the Raiders lost to the Bills in the AFC Championship 51-3. And Chris Jacke... all I see is hair and BSD vibes ...





Our first overall pick in the CFT 2 draft...


13 dan-marino.jpg

Dan the Man will be leading the DOLPHINS1 for larrybird33. 13!!!!!

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We are down to 12 DAYS until the kickoff of the first LIVE SEASON of this kind! Players drafted in tandems under a salary cap! Injuries, conditions, playoff bracket... ALL on CONSOLE! The stream is really starting to come together... and we have denizens of 12s in these parts..




I am not a 12 per se, I just live amongst them...


There are a couple of iconic players who wore 12 in real life. Unfortunately both of them rocked 0's and their first name on the game was QB, Eagles and Bills ...


12 Jim Kelly.jpg12 QBEagles.jpg


Neither have been drafted in CFT thus far. Kelly, a veteran of the Houston Gamblers of the USFL came to the NFL and brought the Bills to the brink of a championship at the conclusion of the 1990 season. Randall... I just remember when he would gather himself to throw balls with oomph, it always seemed like he was a rubber band straightening out to whip that ball where it needed to go, he had a long "gather up" before letting fly with that pigskin.


And finally, I drafted the other 12 in TSB this season, technically the only 12 in the whole game....


12 Chris Miller.jpg


Unfortunately for Miller, he won't be getting the start to game 1 vs @~Tailback King~'s CARDINALS1 in week 1 to start our seasons, because my other choice, who will be shared tomorrow, was a 12 Dawg.jpg, and Miller is a 12 Duck.jpg. I'll take the notch of PS to start over that PC notch, but the Tecmo Gods will have their say on who gets to lead the CFT Cowboys for most of this season as we will be playing the Hot (read: Better Condition) hand once we get conditions going.


12 DAYS! JULY 28th!

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11 Days til CFT 2 jumps off. It IS GONNA BE EPYCCCCC!!!


We got 14 #11's in Tecmo Super Bowl. That's 2 TOUCHDOWNS (and successful XPs obv)


Let's start with the greatest Tecmo Story ever told. Big Red and his St - OFF - ers delight.

11 Stouffer.jpg

Stouffer has one of those figurines made based on him, Starting Lineup? Has a guy ever been given so much deserving so little?...


@DT. will employ Stouffer as needed  in season 2, Kelly's inaugural CFT campaign.


11 Norwood.jpg


Poor Norweed... that's just abject dejection... Feel bad for the guy. If someone ever "drafts" him up in CFT... That's Balls right there.  I might do it tho, since he did play for the Birmingham Wild Stallyns in the USFL #Lewis


11 Whiskey Wade.jpg11 Fourcade.jpg11 Lee Johnson.jpg11 Lee Johnson1.jpg11 Phil Simms.jpg


Above are 4 #11s that have not been drafted as of CFT 2 , except Simms got his card pulled, but as mentioned before, @fairfensheeding changed his mind and chose to save 1 dollar by taking Everett and Chuck Long instead of Simms and Hoss Sauce.


11 BJ.jpg11 BJ2.jpg

Last season, @Tick struggled to tame the wild bronco that is BJ Tolliver. Is it me or are all Texas Tech strong armed QBs Gingers?


11 Rypien Fartz.jpg

Also drafted last season, but on the sideline in season 2, is Mark Rypien, who threw for @boogiewithstu in season 1.



And one final QB 11 who played in season 1 but went undrafted in season 2...

11 Jeff-George.jpg

Just an incredible pic of Jeff George.  He played for Joey B's GIANTS1 in season 1.


As for Joey B's Season 2 QB...


11 Andre Ware 2.jpeg11 andre ware.jpg

Heisman Winner Andre Ware will platoon with Rodney Peete to hold the fort down for the CFT 2 GIANTS1 .


11 Chris.jpg

The aforementioned Everett, leading the CFT 2 OILERS1


11 Strom.jpg

@manYo720 will have a Bubby Ricky (or is it Ricky Bubby?) two headed QB for his CHIEFS1 CHEEFS!


11 Jim Jensen.jpg

That's Jim Jensen right there. He will be catchin passes from Troy Aikman for @~Tailback King~'s CARDINALS1 . I love this breakdown of the card shown above by Baseball Card Busts.

11 Jim Jensena.jpg



And finally, finishing with the one one guy who will be playing in CFT for the 2nd season in a row...

11 Eason.jpg


Eason will be backing up Kenny O for @XtraLargent's RAIDERS1 , after playing for the runner up FALCONS1 and DT in season 1.

That hair tho...

11 Eason Hair.jpg




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Peeping the extended forecast for our area... looks like we got nothing but sunshine, and they have the 28th our dday as a brief cool down day of about 75. Let.me tell you , that would be about perfect (and nearly identical to last year). Tecmo (and Weather) Gods, Uber Alles...

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We are down to 10 Days folks!!! Since we are getting so close, we are going to do a DOUBLE COUNTDOWN! Not only will all the players with the #s be highlighted, but a top 10 moments/posts/trolls/etc.  in CFT History will be counted down as well. We're going to start with the new countdown, at #10 it's @joeygats posts on the first PNWTC results thread. Gats PWNed all of us in the PNW with his posts, ranging from the tourney not mattering to him winning it all without even needing to show up.

Here are snips of each:


Rather have a stream, shit.JPG


no vids, who cares.JPG

grip elim lmao.JPG

go randy.JPG

Gats the true winner.JPG

TY from Gats.JPG


Now for the #10s in TSB.


First... RIP from a little over a year ago to Rick Bootin Tuten.

10 Tuten.jpg


His Obit from Legacy.com is linked above his pic. Played for the 1983 National Championship Hurricanes and THEN went to play for Bobby Bowden in FSU. That's a BSD right there. Amirite @segathonsov @manYo720 ?


Some other keekers who won't make CFT unless someone chooses one of them instead of making up their own name... It could happen, I mean Norm Johnson in CFT 1 is Exhibit A.

10 Hansen.jpg10 kidd.jpg10 Stoyo.jpg



Now we had Jack Trudeau, not the Canadian PM, but this guy

10 jack-trudeau.jpeg


Played for JoeyB in season 1. There's a reason he's not in CFT 2...


10 elkins.jpg

Mike Elkins will play for @Tick's BENGALS1 in season 2, coming in when needed to spell Steve De Berg.


And finally,


10 Pagel.jpg


@Polish Rifle has taken up the Pagel Bites Challenge... CFT style... well not really, QB Browns will be leading the way for the CFT  CHARGERS1 but Pagel will be ready...

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OK 9 DAYS until CFT 2. ONLY 9 DAYS!


Before we get to our countdown of players... let's get to the #9 post moment in CFT History...


The first time TBK registered for a tourney!

9 TBk 0 1st official tourney.JPG


This led to some great Player Hater's Ball posts... And you should check out the rest of the thread (even the page before, because there's some glorious @~Tailback King~ gold there too... Just click on the link above the snip of the post above.


On to the #9s of TSB countdown...


Last year, probably the best kicker in CFT1...

9 Norm Johnson.jpg


Just like in real life, he moved from SEA to ATL and played for @DT.'s FALCONS1


There's a lot of other keekers as well...

9 David Treadwell.jpg9 Greg Montgomery.jpg9 helton-barry.jpg9 Matt Bahr.jpg


None of the above are in CFT as of yet...


9 Jim Mcmahon.jpg


McMahon played in CFT 0... @XtraLargent had QB Eagles, and we didn't play with injuries so... I doubt Jimbo found the gridiron.


9 Rodney Peete.jpg


This year, Rodney Peete will be leading the GIANTS1 coached by Joey B.



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@gripsmoke.............where ya @?????????????????????????  Call me muthaph***a!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just 5 dayz till the 2 Portland's finest ballerz cross the border to foreign territory and BLOW UP da SPOT.  (Tacoma that is)

Edited by ~Tailback King~

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We are down to 8 DAYS until CFT 2!!! Let's get started.


Here's some context for the #8 post in CFT history.


After winning back to back PNW/CFT tourneys in Olympia, and then Seattle, Randy looked to defend his PNWTC title in Centralia for PNWTC2. The format was changed to allow dice rolls to pick matchups and player choices. Afterwards Randalous aka Foulfield (not to be confused with his normal ego Callmefairf) threw shade in many directions, most notably at the format, some of the matchups, and one in particular (CIN DET) and Manyo himself. There was a TON of banter, much of it deleted ( I don't know if that was by @fairfensheeding or the mods of this fine former repository) but much of it lives on through some well timed quotes. One hot topic was the proposal, and many attempts to "modify the terms" of said proposal of a best of 7 series where the point spread was wildly fluctuating between Manyo and Fairf where Manyo would be DET and Fairf would be CIN. While this was realized in the run up to PAC RIM II the next spring, @gonickmontana dropped this on all of us and it was one of those NINJA, Silent but Deadly type reverberations heard from Cascadia all the way across the Tecmo Landscape...


8 Gonicks post.JPG


Well crafted and well done GoBlinn...


Now on to our TSB Player countdown...


Let's start with those Keekers who get no play in the CFT due to our team crafting methodology...


8 Buford.jpg8 english-keith.jpg8 Lohmiller.jpg8 Nick Lowery.jpg

While none of these guys got the Norm Johnson treatment that DT gave last year, one of these guys' "offspring" will be playing in CFT2.


The kicker for @~Tailback King~'s CARDINALS1 is Morten Lowery III, spawned from alien techniques of fusing the DNA of the greatest kickers in Tecmo Super Bowl... Morten Anderson and Nick Lowery...


Now the remaining 4 #8s are all QBs and all will be competing during CFT 2, in fact 3 of them have been drafted both official seasons. Let's start with the "new guy"...

8 Steve Young.jpg


So the real star of Young's tandem is obviously Cool Joe, but a sneaky valuable aspect (despite the high cost) of the 49ers QB tandem is the quality of backup. Hollywood Steve Young brings a 25ms 56 44 arm to the mix, which is pretty damn good if you ask me, especially if the Tecmo Gods favor Steve-O with some conditions love. @SirTed and his BUCCANEERS1 will not have to worry about poor QB atts is the bottom line...


Next up... a Dilweg...

8 Dilweg.jpg

Dilweg backed up the MaJJik man for my COWBOYS1 in season 1, and has taken his talents to the Motor City to play for @TheProfessor's LIONS1  where I'm fairly sure he will get more playing time due to our improved format.


8 Kubiak.jpg


Kubiak also will be playing in CFT for the 2nd consecutive season. He had a rough season in Buffalo in season 1 (everying in western NY did) but looks to really have a shot with a well put together squad in San Francisco with @gripsmoke's 49ERS1 . Kubiak also has a special place in our CFT hearts as you will see in about a week... More on that later.


Let's finish off with ...

8 Troy.jpg


Troy played for @invader_star64's SEAHAWKS1 in season 1, and was drafted by TailBack King to lead his super improved CARDINALS1 team to glory in CFT 2.!!!


Man 8 FREAKING DAYS!!!! This is gonna be MUST SEE TWITCH TV!!!





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On 7/18/2018 at 6:10 PM, ~Tailback King~ said:

All you who enter this Tournament BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......of the RHINOCEROS PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I just made a breakthrough in this game that ALL my opponents need to be VERY worried about ?

I heard Jim Jensen was willing to put a little time in at FB...

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15 hours ago, vogtcd11 said:

OMG. This is amazing. This is where it’s at. I want to be a part of this thing! Good luck and have fun guys!

This thing totally appeals to my nerd team building thing and my desire to just have a ton of Tecmo fun with some cool guys. 

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15 hours ago, vogtcd11 said:

OMG. This is amazing. This is where it’s at. I want to be a part of this thing! Good luck and have fun guys!

Thanks Chris! Best of luck in MWTecmo to you and yours as well! Like I told you, I could help you make this happen in your neck of the woods, and better yet, would love to get together with all y'all Vogts and do up a season/seasons like this.

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7 minutes ago, qb_browns said:

This thing totally appeals to my nerd team building thing and my desire to just have a ton of Tecmo fun with some cool guys. 

Would love to see you out here too, hit me up if that's a possibility in the future! Also would love to help you do one of your own if you would like.


On another note... Have you been watching this Nagoya Basho? Seems like the shift to a younger generation is underway... Although I still cheer for the esteemed one from Georgia and hopes he continues to progress even though he's already in his 30s.

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OH MY GOD.........I completely forgot about the Manyo, Randy rivalry/debacle......that was some {CLASSIC} s#!t talk and banter right there that almost made me shed a lil' tear. :)  There's NO QUESTION you 2 gotta score to settle.  

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Wow. JUST WOW! I can't believe there is only 1 week left until CFT 2 kicks off. 7 DAYS!


In today's CFT Best Post/Moments, we have the origin of one of the true lifebloods of the CFT and PNW scene, Manyo's Mayhem...


After PNWTC2, there was much lamentation that there would be so much time in between tourneys as we were just getting the taste of that sweet Tecmo Competition being available in these larger scale formats, and of course, we wanted more. @~Tailback King~ suggested here what it should be dubbed...

7 1 Mayhem.JPG


While it didn't quite get done that summer, it did eventually go down early in 2014.

7 Mayhem.JPG

The original Manyo's Mayhem was just me and manyo, and we literally played until AND BEYOND the point we couldn't really function anymore. This isn't the first (or last) time Kamp has kompeted in Zombie mode, as Manyo is well aware. Back in the day, i kind of "zombied out" during a beatdown of a friend in Greatest Heavyweights. I kinda came to right after it was over, and didn't really remember the bout, but I SAW THAT SWEET VICTORY SCREEN.


I was not so lucky in Mayhem 1 as Manyo literally beat me to submission.


Now on to our countdown...



With 7 days left... there are quite a few #7s in Tecmo, and some really big name ones at that, but to me, the most impactful to me was a guy who went to the Cowboys between 1990 and 91, and saved the 91 season in so doing.

7 Beuerlein.jpg

 Stevie B is the Raiders backup on TSB, and has yet to be drafted in CFT but... I think it's only a matter of time. And methinks he WILL be a CFT Cowboy just like in real life.

7 Beuerlein 88.jpg

The above picture is from probably my favorite game that I saw the Cowboys win. You'd think, but, but, the Super Bowls kamp? Nah, don't get it twisted, I loved that those Super Bowls were won, but the first 2 were first my best friend and homie JayMc the Corkster, and I didn't take as much pleasure in that, esp as it was their 3rd and 4th straight losses in the Bowl. The wins over the 9ers in 92 and 93 NFC Ships are close (as is the 94 loss, which I've never been prouder of the teams heart, except maybe for) the 1991 Week 13 game at RFK stadium. The 11-0 Redskins, hosting the 6-5 Cowboys, having lost some heartbreakers recently, including an OT loss to the Oilers where Emmitt fumbled in OT. This 1991 W over the 'Skins had it all. An onsides kick recovered in the first half, a hail mary to end that first half from Aik to A Harp, and then Aikman goes down and he goes down hard. Steve Beuerlein is called in (after the aforementioned Laufenberg incident the previous season) and he wins 5 straight games to finish the season, including throwing the GWTD pass to the PL88MAKER to beat Washington. Yeah, Beuerlein is gonna get his chance in CFT all right, you can bank on that.


Now we have some keekers who have got no play in CFT.

7 Fuad.jpg

Fuad was actually born in the same city my mom was... Bogota Colombia.


7 Ruzek.jpg

Ruzek also kicked for Dallas in his career.


7 Zendejas.jpg

Zendejas is the subject of this weird little story.


And then there's the other TSB Mort.

7 Morten.jpg

I think he's the GOAT of kickers. This next card illustrates the tools of his success....

7 Morten 2.jpg


Now one of the iconic QB #7s is a guy who hasn't been drafted in CFT yet, but I think it's just a matter of time.

7 Esiason.jpg

The hard throwing lefty and his backup are a good value if someone is looking to get a great QB, but he has yet to see his card called in CFT.


7 carlson-jeff.jpg

Carlson has, and will be backing up Vinny for @invader_star64's SEAHAWKS1 in season 2.

7 Elway.jpg

John Elway will once again lead a team in CFT, after a dumpster fire year in Buffalo, the Bills Mafia ran him out of town, but @gripsmoke feels confident that

john Elway.JPG

will lead his 49ERS1 to glory in CFT 2.

7 Kenny O.jpg

Kenny O has moved from @DT.'s FALCONS1 to @XtraLargent's RAIDERS1 and hopes to get over that hump and not only get to the Super Bowl but JUST WIN IT BABY!


7 breedlove.jpg7 don-majkowski1.vresize.1200.630.high.33.jpg


The final 2 #7s are my COWBOYS1 starting QBs for CFT 1 and 2. Last year, the MaJJikman led Dallas to CFT GLORY without throwing one pick (and there were some chances, let me tell you, it wasn't me). Now this year, the HughMillenator is called upon to duty. This Dawg, whose middle name is Breedlove, will get the nod over Chris Miller but he will still have to "prove it" on the field with his conditions. Any conditions advantage Miller has, he's going in. If they're equal in conditions or Hugh has the advantage, Millen will get the snaps.


7 days left man. I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT!!! See y'all tomorrow and in a WEEK!



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30 minutes ago, ~Tailback King~ said:

OH MY GOD.........I completely forgot about the Manyo, Randy rivalry/debacle......that was some {CLASSIC} s#!t talk and banter right there that almost made me shed a lil' tear. :)  There's NO QUESTION you 2 gotta score to settle.  


"A hush fell over the stadium as Randy slowly took off his headset, and turned toward the tunnel, a single tear rolled down his cheek as he looked up at the night sky and whispered one name.......................................Manyoooooooo"







                                                                           ~absolutely fuCC!n' {CLASSIC} sh!t talk, which deserves a plaque~


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