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Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

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Man OH MAN! Looking at today's list I AM GETTING HYPED! We got 11 #34s to showcase today as it's 34 days until CFT Season 2 Kickoff. That's a full squad on the field. And the names!!!


BO!, Thurmal, Herschel, Mack Attack!, Ironhead to name a few. The rest you can also tell as TSB fans just from one name (mostly), Agee, Braxton, Broussard, Wilder, Hector, and Thompson (Anthony)


Let's start with one of my favorite players of all time, Tecmo and IRL. The Mack Attack. He was a beast in OG Tecmo Bowl, and while his speed is a very limiting factor in TSB. he still has skills to make your opponent fear. Hit Power and Hands. The Mack Attack.


Kevin Mack.jpg


Next up... the man, the myth, the LEGEND... HERSCHEL WALKER. Because of trading Herschel, the Cowboys got several draft picks to throw at their team and hit on a bunch of them. He eventually would come back to the Cowboys later in the 90s, as the Vikings were never able to get over the hump with Walker. The most fit guy in the room, always. Herschel started out as a USFL Phenom, came and dominated in the NFL yet unfortunately, has never been drafted in CFT, like the Mack Attack above...




Last of the undrafted 34s was a stud and really a workhorse for the Buccaneers for most of his career. In Tecmo, he was in the twilight of his NFL career and served as a backup to Barry and Mel. It's James Wilder.


James Wilder.jpg


One note on Wilder, his daughter played in the Lingerie Football League... as well as Mark Rypien's daughter. Crazy world huh?


5 of our 34s today will be making their debut this season in CFT 2.


Playing for @gripsmoke, and doing it all to help Emmitt get the job done. it's a guy who you don't have to tell Manyo of his value on the Tecmo field...



Carrying the rock for @Polish Rifle this year, will be one of a pair of 44ms backs in the OG TSB rom JETS backfield, it's


johnny hector.jpg


Backing up Nebraska legend and Heisman winner Mike Rozier for @Tick's Bengals is this former Coug




And finally, this stud will be making knees shake and quake for @TheProfessor's LIONS1 in CFT 2, the man you could simply call THURMAL.




Thurmal is a LEGEND in his own right. Speed, hands, agility, there's nothing he can't do. He led the league in all purpose yards for the first few seasons after Tecmo (SB) came out, he was simply the most consistently productive back.


The last 34 to debut in season 2 I'll save for last cuz, well he's just hard to stop and warrants being the final subject on today's matter, especially given his prospects for making an impact on Season 2.


Now for the two timers, and I mean that in a good way.


Playing for my COWBOYS1 in season 1, helping with a whopping 4 tackles in Season 1, Tyrone Braxton will be playing in the GIANTS1 secondary, sure to ruin a few CC Divers with unexpected PICKS for Joey B.




In Season 1, this guy was on @Tick's BENGALS1 roster, but he didn't tally any stats. I'm gonna guess he's not gonna get much more play in season 2 for @~Tailback King~ in season 2, but that depends on Injuries and conditions which ARE in effect for season 2, it's...Anthony



Now a guy I'm super excited for. Last season my COWBOYS1 were victorious and one of the players that came up huge was Tommy Rathman. I'm really hoping the hard hitting fullback role will be excel once again for our team in season 2. He ran for 222 yards on 42 carries in season 1 for the BILLS1 but we're looking for an even bigger impact in season 2 in Big D. The guy is just an IRONHEAD!



And now. With respect to Thurmal, Herschel, Mack, and Ironhead. I had to finish with this guy. You know who he is, and he will wreak havoc on CFT defenses in season 2. @manYo720's moniker will ring true in season 2... #unstoppaBO




I like this pic because it shows Bo running away from the secondary, which you know he's gonna do in season 2. What are CFT 2 defenses gonna do when Bo goes into that inevitable run of EXCELLENT condition. 88MS in TSB as a RB is no joke. I've wielded that power and it is EXQUISITE! To boot, there really aren't many (any?) defense equipped to put a stop to BO. But what will the tecmo gods say. All praise be to them, we shall see. Will there be a glut of injuries or games in BAD? Or will he be truly #unstoppaBO. My god, the fear should be real man. That Bo KNOWS!




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^^^This was great!!!!!!!........and the 2nd best number to be celebrated!!!  "Her-chel..............Her-chel................Her-chel........."  I can here the chants now!!!!!!  That's the REAL #34.  Mack comes in at a close second.  




                                                  (p.s.  I'd take an EXCELLENT Johnny over an EXCELLENT Bo any day of the week, and 2wice on Sunday)

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2018 Tri-Cities Tecmo Training Camp


With the sun shining bright, and fresh air circulating the dessert region of Pasco, two teams opted to hold a best-of-three indoor-stadium air-conditioned exhibition series, to let some of the stallions out of the stable to stretch their legs. 


Coach Fairfield’s staff provided refreshments, and hosted team lunch and dinner for the visiting Coach Rifle and, what some say is, an over-paid squad of misfits.  Boasting the 3rd highest paid linebackers, the 2nd highest paid QB in B.Ko$ar and “Mr.Money” himself, Bruce $mith ($7, #1 paid DL), the Chargers management has dumped money where other CFT teams, strategically, would not.    


On the training facilities, the Oilers cruised to a 35-16 Game 1 victory.  A John Stephens injury may have cost Coach Randy’s team the series clincher, as Stephens was poised to have a big series running, catching and providing special teams contributions at both returner positions.  The RB went down in a 28-21 loss to San Diego in Game 2, however, Randy guaranteed Stephens would be ready for the CFT season opener. 


The final training camp game closed off with Coach rdelifriaf converting on a 4TH&10 after 4 consecutive blitzes from the Polish Rifle, to get him within FG range.  Bill “Worth the Money” Romanow$ki was just an inch short from his 3rd block of the game, when his team needed it the most on a 36 yard-attempt.


Thus concluded the 2018 Tri-Cities Tecmo Training Camp (TTTP):



Game 1 :  35-16

Game 2:  21-28

Game 3:  23-21







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5 hours ago, ~Tailback King~ said:

I'd love to think it possible to one day see Craig Heyward and Kevin Mack in the same backfield.............................just a thought.

It could happen...

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We are now 33 days from July 28, the day season 2 of the Cascadia Fucking Tecmo league takes place in the Tacoma garage of yours truly.


Just like yesterday with 34, we have 11 players with #33, a plethora of them remain undrafted through season 2 of CFT.



Reggie Cobb is a guy I'd love to draft with his high HP and decent hands. The guy is a beast and only wore #33 his rookie year, moving on to #34 thereafter.


Leroy Hoard.jpg

Another big guy who has yet to be drafted, but Mack and Metcalf would be the real reasons Hoard would get drafted, though I think he deserves better attributes than he has. I mean, even Fullwood is slightly better...Hoard was a load in college.



Here's Merril Hoge showing those 81BC skillz



Jessie Clark was a Packer for most of his career, but this game had some photos of him getting mobbed by the Chiefs D.



Woodside is a decent back in Tecmo, and has a solid FB in his tandem in the other Haddix. Still not selected yet.



Ronnie Harmon went from the Bills in the 80s to the Chargers in the 90s, and his hands went with him. An excellent receiving Back and not a bad runner either. Still not drafted...


Now, one guy is going to see the CFT gridiron for the first time in Season 2, and that's


Adams will see the CFT field because @fairfensheeding allocated funds towards the Rams passing offense and Fulcher on Defense.


Did someone say Fulcher???



This stud will also be patrolling the airways as Fairf's (almost) one man Defense. And he's definitely a guy that can do it. Hitter... CHECK, Interceptor... CHECK, Speed and tackling... CHECK. Watch out CFT. Fulcher has a monster season 1 for @XtraLargent

You can see his career stats here...He had 6 interceptions through 4 games and then a 5 int game early in the "playoffs" .


Another guy making his CFT Debut like George Adams, is this guy...


Sammie Smith will be a RAIDERS1 in CFT2 toting the Rock for @XtraLargent .


The next guy is a Raider and will play for XtraLargent's Raiders after playing for @DT.'s FALCONS1 in Season 1.

Eddie anderson.jpg

Anderson managed only 1 pick in the regular season and 1 more in the long Falcons postseason run, but the run was long, and he played a large part in helping DT and the Falcons to get all the way to the CFT 1 Championship game.


And finally, a man who is a part of a highly valued Tandem, the SF RBs tandem. With Rathman, Carter, and Harry Sydney, Roger Craig will be toting for @DT.'s Falcons after helping my COWBOYS1 win the CFT 1 championship.


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On 6/24/2018 at 3:13 PM, ~Tailback King~ said:

I'd take an EXCELLENT Johnny over an EXCELLENT Bo any day of the week, and 2wice on Sunday)

the only EXCELLENCE johnny gonna see at CFT2 is the excellent bedside service from Nurse Mary at Tecmo Hospital... he'll be beGGing for a 3-game stay cuz she'll be changing his sheets 2WICE a day.... but everybody already knows johnny's a LuSHHHH


whereas everybody KNOWS BO, cuz everybody's read that story in his autobiography <right?> about how he sowed his wild oats in college running to his girlfriends house inbetween two-a-days, jumping over 15ft ditches and skipping lunch so he could get all that out of the way early in life and grow up to play tecmo like a Real Man (yo!)..... (so in other words he'll only be in for the one-game stay..... a couple times prolly cuz fuck gettin' OOB with #32 on the back, snatches]

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32 Days now til CFT Season 2.


Couple guys in the 32 list have not and will not be on a CFT Gridiron as of this Season 2 in July.


Ken Clark.jpgBruce Perkins.jpg


One 32 was in CFT 1 but will be watching this summer from the garage sidelines.

Lemuel Stinson.jpg


Lemuel Patrolled the BEARS1 airwaves for @boogiewithstu' notching a couple of sacks yet no INTs in season 1.



Several #32s are making their Debut in Season 2.


Alonzo Highsmith.jpeg

Alonzo for @gripsmoke's 49ERS1


Blair Thomas.jpeg


Blair for @Polish Rifle's CHARGERS1



And Marcus Allen will be doing all purpose work for @manYo720's CHIEFS1


Then there are a couple of guys who will be playing for the 2nd season this summer.


Bratton Melvin.jpgBratton Melvin2.jpg


Melvin Bratton, formerly of THE U, will move from @DT.'s FALCONS1 to JoeyB's GIANTS1 in Season 2





John L., he scored 5 TDs in season 1 for @XtraLargent's RAIDERS1 but in season 2 he will be playing for @SirTed's BUCCANEERS1 and catching a bunch of passes from Cool Joe.

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31 Days until CFT Season 2 jumps off. 31... That's the lowest and standard RP for scrub defenders. A baseline if you will. We got 5 #31s today, no studs, and only 2 are gonna be on the CFT gridiron this July 28. Just by the fact that they will be on the field means they might have a huge impact, especially the last guy.


Here goes.


Undrafted and unwanted are these 3.


Fred Marion.jpgMinnifield.jpgFenney.jpg



That's Frank Minnifield in the middle there. He should be a stud in Tecmo, but alas, these things happen in Love and Tecmo.


For @boogiewithstu's BEARS1 Mark Green will be... probably on the bench tbh. But you never know when he'll need to heed the call. He had all of 1 touch last season for @invader_star64's Seahawks.


Mark Green.jpg


And finally, making his CFT debut for larrybird33 and his DOLPHINS1,



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Ickey kicking us off with his shuffle, unfortunately he won't be shuffling in the CFT until at least season 3. 1 month to go! 30 days til CFT2!


We got some videos today. Here's James Jones (one of many, but THE TSB James Jones) in a crazy play vs ATL.


James Jones will be toting the rock for @SirTed in season 2 after helping @XtraLargent 's RAIDERS1 in season 1.

James Jones.jpg

Now this next guy played for Sir Ted in season 1, but he's a serial fucking rapist so instead of him rocking the 30, here's one of his several mugshots which were connected to him eventually getting 30 fucking years in prison.



Next up, @fairfensheeding will have Mosi's Mooses cheering on Tatupu from the stands.



There's gonna be that one guy yelling "The Blue Haired Woman will make a fine sacrifice!". Don't mind that guy. Another example of CTE ruining an NFL player's life, Mosi left us too soon and Tatupu's son Lofa played LB for the Seahawks, which worries Mosi's wife and Lofa's mother about the prospects of Lofa's health in the near future.


This set of 30s has some great Returners, like the aforementioned Meggett, this next guy was one of the best returners of his day.

Brian Mitchell.jpg

Brian Mitchell will be suiting up for larrybird33's DOLPHINS1  in CFT 2.


Brad Baxter.jpg

Playing in CFT for the first time in season 2, Brad @baxterbear12 will be toting the rock for @Polish Rifle's CHARGERS1 in exactly one month.


Also making his CFT debut in season 2 is this former Buffalo Bill who will be at @TheProfessor's disposal come July 28.

Don Smith.jpg

Also Playing for theprofessor is one of my favorite Cowboys from back in the day.

Ike Holt.jpg

One of my favorite memories of Ike Holt is hearing him spitting out "One Fifty! One Fifty!" on the sidelines when I'm watching the 1991 Cowboys Video Yearbook.


Mark Robinson.jpg

Paging @invader_star64!!! Probably his only other option in Average on D, Mark Robinson will be Haddix's partner in defending the skies during CFT 2 for the SEAHAWKS1


Here's 2 guys who have yet to be selected in the CFT draft.


Sam Seale.jpgThane Gash.jpg


Fun fact, Thane Gash had a brief Blog about the Browns about a decade ago. http://thanegash30.blogspot.com/


This next guy is an unsung part of his RB tandem, because Bobby Humphrey, but he can contribute if called upon. In season 1 he played for @DT.'s FALCONS1 and got all the way to the Championship game. In season 2, Sew will suit up for JoeyB's GIANTS1

Steve Sewell.jpg


Finally, A Heisman winner from Nebraska who will be suiting up for CFT 0 winner from Nebraska @Tick, and a BENGALS1 in season 2 of CFT.


Mike Rozier.jpg


Interesting to see how he landed on the Falcons IRL.




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Aight fellas! 29 days. 29 DAYS!!!

Darrell Fullington.jpg


Darrell Fullington is ready! Well... he's ready to watch. Fullington played for @Tick's BENGALS1 in season 1, and that's exactly how many picks he got...1.


Brent Fullwood.jpg

I know, I know... There's all kinds of wrong with this pic. But once you go wood, you go FULL WOOD! Couldn't find a pic of Fullwood rocking the #29, and for the Packers he was #21, and YES, he did play in the Pro Bowl, the first Packer RB to make the Pro Bowl since a man near and dear to my WTF Retro heart, Terdell Middleton. @modeezie knows what I'm talking about! And no, Brent Fullwood neither played in season 1 nor will he play in season 2, but #squadgoals I would love to have him on my team someday because KEVIN MACK!


Don Griffin.jpg

The only other guy here not to play in season 1 or 2 of CFT, Don Griffin remains an after thought to both Not so Shy Ronnie Lott and Dave Waymer in his tandem.


Dennis Gentry.jpg

In season 1, Dennis Gentry came out of the Fog Bowl and onto our 8 Bit Gridirons to play for JoeyB's GIANTS1 , and he averaged 27 yards on his 2 catches.


Also sitting out season 2 after playing in Season 1 for @SirTed's DOLPHINS1 (he's moved upstate to Tampa Bay for season 2), is this guy.

myron guyton.jpg


Now to the guys making their CFT debut in season 2.

Rickey Reynolds2.jpg

Ricky Reynolds will be helping @invader_star64's SEAHAWKS1 in his Haddix support group.


Albert Lewis will be making his debut for larrybird33's DOLPHINS1 .


And finally, our Cascadia veteran...

Dwayne Harper.jpg

Dwayne Harper will be patrolling the airwaves for @DT.'s FALCONS1


29 days!!!!





Rickey Reynolds.jpg

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Blade Runner.jpgCurt Warner 28.jpg



Aka 28 days until the 28th of July. 28 days later will be the 2nd season of the Cascadia Effin' Tecmo League. Per request, Curt Warner gets some 28 love since he is so loved in these parts, and in Cascadia, when you here the name, the RB comes to mind first, not that recently HOF inducted QB. Curt will be running for @invader_star64 in season 2.


Since we're allowing on this special day, my guy

Everson Walls.jpg


I don't hate the fact that he got his ring with the Giants, kinda like when Gary Payton finally got his ring with the Heat. But I'll always think of him as in the following picture.

Everson Walls Cowboys.jpg


Jumping on the scene after not even starting the 1981 season as a starter, and undrafted at that, Walls led the league in interceptions as a rookie. Never mind some "catch" play where he got posterized by the recently deceased Dwight Clark RIP.


Walls played for @SirTed's DOLPHINS1 in season 1 but will be patrolling the tecmo skies for @gripsmoke's 49ERS1 in season 2. Catch THAT!


Harold Green.jpgGene Atkins.jpg


Those guys? I wouldn't worry about those guys. They didn't see the field in CFT 1 and won't in CFT2.



Dishman on the other hand, after watching CFT 1 from the sidelines, he will be supporting DICK DICK for @manYo720's CHIEFS1 in season 2. Ditto for Greg Bell below.

greg bell.jpg


Darrell Green.jpg


Finally, Darrell Green. He got jobbed by the Tecmo programmers. We played last night and at one point I suggested that they got to only see the stats from 1990, because in 1991's beginning of the season, Mayhew was the corner opposing QBs attacked, and they were mostly giving Darrell Green the Richard Sherman treatment. SHUN! So we correlated the lack of INTs to the same stuff Sherman faced. I'm tired, English is hard right now. Why am I tired? See below. 28 DAYS MOFOS!








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Thomas Everett.jpg

27 Days. Thomas Everett is here to tell you. Before he took his talents to Big D and helped the Cowboys win the Super bowl, Everett held it down as a Safety for the Steelers, and he's a solid option in the Pitt Secondary... but not in the CFT yet.


Herman Fontenot.jpg


Another guy not in CFT yet. Herman's Hermits Fontenot.


Kevin Porter.jpg


Kevin Porter will be in the CFT for the first time in Season 2 playing for larrybird's DOLPHINS1

Keith Taylor.jpg


Same goes for Keith Taylor, making his CFT debut for @Polish Rifle's CHARGERS1

Terry Kinard.jpg


Same goes for Terry Kinard making his debut for @manYo720's CHIEFS1


Patrick Hunter.jpg


And same goes for Patrick Hunter making his debut for @DT.'s FALCONS1



One guy is the sole #27 to be drafted in the CFT in season 1 but not season 2 and it's...


Hampton played for @SirTed's DOLPHINS1 in season 1.


Atwater played for my COWBOYS1 in season 1, but has taken his talents to the Meadowlands to play for coach JoeyB in season 2.


Jay Taylor.jpeg

Jay Taylor played for JoeyB and the GIANTS1 in season 1 and will be going back home to Phoenix to play for @~Tailback King~'s CARDINALS1 in season 2.


And finally, a USFL stud in his own right, and a second fiddle in TSB, we have...

Barney Bussey.jpg

Bussey played for @XtraLargent's RAIDERS1 in season 1 and will be playing for @fairfensheeding's OILERS1 in season 2.


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Well, it's starting to get a whole lot realer. 26 days until the big jumpoff on July 28. Let's start with CFT 1's MVP...

Bobby Humphrey.jpgBHumpSeas1.JPG


So technically he wasn't the MVP, as Andre Reed was the official MVP, but he is talked about by our CFT brethren as MVP as you can see he had a monster season for @DT.'s FALCONS1 in season 1. Joey B showed that he's got the chops to take advantage of BHumps skill set and make other CFT owners pay in season 2 for his GIANTS1 .


A lot of 26's have yet to be selected in the CFT draft as of yet. Here are all but one.


98634688.jpgAnthony Newman.jpgBen Smith.jpgDarryl Pollard.jpgRaymond Clayborn.jpg



That Buccaneer is RB John Harvey.


Now this guy will be making his debut in season 2 of CFT. He will be looking to separate opposing ball carriers and catchers from the football like he did in the actual NFL.



Chuck Cecil will play for @SirTed's BUCCANEERS1 in CFT 2.


Like B Hump, there is one other 26 to have been drafted in both CFT 1 and 2, and he was selected by the same team in both years.

Jarvis Williams.jpg


Jarvis Williams was selected by @Tick's BENGALS1 in both seasons' drafts so far. In real life, Jarvis passes away in 2010 after a sudden severe attack of asthma... he was only 45. RIP


Finally, this guy hasn't been drafted yet but he is an absolute Tecmo Icon.

Rod Woodson.jpg


Our great founding father Obi Wan @Knobbe 's old handle on PureTecmo boards (buckfuttor on HSTL's Dynastyphile), Rod Woodson is just a MAN ! That Steelers secondary is no joke. Rod God. The ultimate 26!




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6 minutes ago, ~Tailback King~ said:

Barring injury, you all can bet on Johnny Johnson breaking every conceivable offensive record CFT has.......as @kamphuna8 likes to say, it's gonna be EPIC.

i think you're missing someone who is quite unforgettaBo

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Collins Mark.jpg

Mark Collins is ready. He played for Sir Ted in season 1 and has taken his talents to the Bay Area to play for @gripsmoke's 49ERS1


Brad Muster.jpg


Muster Coloneled it up for @invader_star64's SEAHAWKS1 in season 1 and goes home to Chicago to play for @boogiewithstu's BEARS1 in season 2.


Anthony Tony.jpg

Scrub, stay on the bench. Never drafted yet.

Bubba McDowell.jpg

Bubba is making his CFT debut in season 2 with @manYo720's CHIEFS1

Case Scott.jpg

I just love seeing Jerry on his back. Case has yet to be picked up in CFT .

Glenn Vencie.jpg

The hard hitting Vencie also has not been picked up in CFT through 2 seasons.


Jerry Gray.jpg

That curl tho... No teams have drafted Gray and the Rams DBs as of yet through 2 seasons in CFT.



Louis Oliver will once again play for @Tick's BENGALS1 in season 2 of CFT.

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Happy 4th of July! That means that today is 24 days away from CFT season 2's kickoff!



Harry Sydney helped the COWBOYS1 win CFT 1 and @DT. is hoping Sydney can do the same for his FALCONS1 .


Speaking of former USFL stars... Kelvin Bryant was an absolute beast. And the WAS RBs tandem has been picked by the team at the #1 slot in the CFT draft for both seasons 1 and 2.  This year LarryBird33 will be looking for KB24 to help lead the way for his DOLPHINS1 in season 2. Peep those USFL stats...

Bryant Kelvin.jpgBryant Kelvin USFL0.jpgBryant Kelvin USFL.jpg



There is only one TSB #24 that will not be on the field for CFT 2, although he did play for @SirTed's DOLPHINS1 in season 1.


That's a BAAAAAAAAD MAN right there. OJ Anderson became one of my faves with that Super Bowl performance vs the Bills.


We have three #24's that will be on the CFT Gridiron for the 1st time in season 2.

anthony blaylock.jpgBuford Mcgee.jpgfreeman Mcneil.jpg


Tony Blaylock (a DB) will be playing LB for @~Tailback King~'s CARDINALS1 , Buford McGee will play for @invader_star64's SEAHAWKS1 , and Freeman McNeil will run for @Polish Rifle's CHARGERS1 in season 2.



Billups played for @XtraLargent's RAIDERS1 in season 1 and has taken his talents to the Astrodome to help the LuvYaBlue's OILERS1 cause for @fairfensheeding



Henderson Wymon.jpg


Seattle has the "Why Man?" in Dave Wyman, Denver has his Jamaican equivalent, "Why Mon?" Henderson also helped the COWBOYS1 win in season 1, and in season 2 will be patrolling the tecmo airways for JoeyB's GIANTS1

Finally, we have the Wolf man.


A ProBowler for several years because Special Teams. Ron Wolfley played for Tick's BENGALS1 in season 1 and of course...

Cardinals Wolfley Pro Bowl.jpgCardinals Wolfley Pro Bowl2.jpg


Wolfley will be on the CARDINALS1 in season 2. RUDY RUDY RUDY! Are you READY?!?!


Wolfley and LT.jpg


Also, Here's the most up to date rom (I also posted in Discord). I think you'll enjoy!




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There's only "ONE" real #24.....and that's O.J. Anderson.....and I'm SO GLAD I don't have to try to stop him.  That picc actually scared me thinking somebody actually had him on their team...I am SO F*CC!N glad they don't.

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23 Days! In just over 3 weeks, the members of Cascadia Fuckin' Tecmo will converge in Tacoma for a live season where we have already drafted our teams using a salary cap. These are the #23's in Tecmo Super Bowl.


First up, the guys who have had no play and won't come July 28th.

23 Barry Word.jpg23 Barry Word1.jpg23 Heath Sherman.jpg23 Rod McSwain.jpg23 Anthony Johnson.jpg23 Mel Gray.jpg



Interesting note about Barry Word which was why I included the back of his card which provided some details around him being NFL Comeback player of the year.


Gayle Shaun.jpg


.Man I just read up on that whole Shaun Gayle case where his 7months pregnant GF was gunned down by a former GF in cold blooded murder. The details are not pretty. Gayle played in CFT 1 for @boogiewithstu's BEARS1


The 23s who will debut in season 2 of CFT include.


Davis Kenneth.jpg

Davis will play for @TheProfessor's LIONS1

23 Richard Johnson.jpg

Dick Dick will terrorize QBs for @manYo720's CHIEFS1

23 Troy Stradford.jpg

Troy Stradford will be part of the RB by committee that is the Dolphins RBs for @XtraLargent's RAIDERS1

And then there's this guy...

23 Sammy Winder.jpg

Sammy Winder was with the Broncos for much of the 80s during their Elway not quite super successful seasons and he was a key part with what success they had. Winder will play for Joey B after helping @DT.'s make a run to the CFT 1 super bowl.

23 Todd Bowles.jpg

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